Come, walk with us…

Who we are

We are Unitarian Universalists. We are brave, curious, and compassionate thinkers and doers. We are diverse in faith, ethnicity, history, and spirituality, but aligned in our desire to practice our faith and beliefs in tangible ways. We foster respectful communities hallmarked by action, love, and acceptance of all people.

Our Mission

To create a welcoming community that nurtures spiritual growth and challenges us to transform the world through acts of love and justice.

What We Affirm

Believing in the inherent worthiness of every person.

Showing compassion and fairness towards all people.

Accepting others for who and what they are.

Growing through a supported search for personal truth.

Applying the democratic process in our churches and communities.

Building a global community founded on peace, liberty, and justice.

Respecting the interwoven nature of the universe.


August 25 – Theology in a Yellow Vest – Rev. Chris Buice -

Some people associate “the church” with wealth, power, privilege and the status quo but this summer our minister encountered Jesus on the Metro in Paris wearing a yellow vest over his robe, the emblem of the famously volatile anti-establishment demonstrations that have made global news. ... read more.