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Icons, Idolatry and Advent

The Greek Orthodox tradition is known for the value it places on icons. There is a strain of the Protestant tradition that has been quick to attack the reverence for icons as a form of idolatry. This morning we will reflect on how Unitarian … read more.


  • Zoom Auction Party Schedule and Recipe
    Zoom Auction Party Schedule We invite you to join us for fun and fellowship as we get together to for the climax of our annual Silent Auction! The schedule is listed below. Bidding will still be open. Click on this link to join, 3:45 Zoom opens. Please come at this time especially if you have questions 4:00 Announcements: ...
  • History 7 December Session: Historically Improved Communication!
    What do Henry David Thoreau and Tim Berners-Lee have in common? Both can be credited with improving communication, although Henry’s improvement of the lead pencil was not as game-changing as Tim’s developing the internet. We will talk about several other things they had in common in the next and last session of History 7 at ... more

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