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Religious Education

TVUUC RE: Online Church Edition

As we practice good community care in this time, by staying physically distant AND staying spiritually and socially connected, we are launching a variety of options for TVUUC friends of all ages to engage in religious exploration and spiritual development.  Here is a schedule of … read more.

Helping Hands: Personal Edition

Welcome to this week’s at-home TVUUC RE Helping Hands project!

Last week we invited you to create messages of appreciation for postal and delivery workers who are on the job and keeping our community connected and supplied with mail and deliveries.  This week, let’s get a … read more.

Beautiful Junk

Hello, TVUUC friends. Are you ready for our RE Learning Lab Creative Challenge for this week?  ALL of our TVUUC friends – children, youth, young adults, parents, non-parenting adults, elders – are invited to take part!

In this time of staying put as much as we … read more.

Helping Hands: Postal Edition

Welcome to our first at-home TVUUC RE Helping Hands project!

I was inspired yesterday by a post shared by one of our TVUUC families, and they gave me permission to share their idea with you for this week’s Helping Hands invitation.

Lily and Charlie, with their mom … read more.

Sharing Our Contagious Love

In last Sunday’s service we talked about “contagious love” and I invited those watching to make a sign with a message of love to share with their communities by putting them up in windows at home or posting online. We’d love to see your creations … read more.

Inner Strength Made Visible

Hello, TVUUC friends.  We miss seeing you in person, but are so glad to have ways to stay connected even when we are physically distant!

Is anyone feeling a bit confused about how different life is today than it was just a couple of weeks ago?  … read more.

Seeking Comfort in Times of Struggle

Hello everyone,

Today’s offering for you is a virtual field trip into our RE Reflection Room, where I’ll share a few super simple practices that you can use when you feel upset or worried that can help you find your center again.



(It seems that “sheltering in … read more.

Chalices in the Wild

Welcome to our first at-home TVUUC RE Learning Lab Creative Challenge!

As we are practicing good community care by staying physically separated, we are also excited to experiment with may new ways of staying connected.  We’ll be trying out ways to bring the spirit of many … read more.