There is an exceptional but time-sensitive opportunity to give to TVUUC, particularly to our Endowment Fund, through a UUA program called “Wake Now Our Vision”. Details can be found at the Wake Now Our Vision website and in their Brochure; application materials are available at the church office.

Briefly, through a very generous donation of $5 million by the UU Congregation at Shelter Rock, this matching campaign rewards inclusion of the Endowment and other UUA activities in your estate planning with an immediate donation of up to 10% of the anticipated legacy gift. Key info is in the linked literature, but there are two important points to highlight: (1) Even if you cannot make a good faith estimate of its amount, your intended legacy gift may still result in $1000 for the Endowment Fund right now. (2) If you have already included a legacy gift in your estate but this gift was unknown to the congregation before January 2017, your intended gift may still qualify.

Please take this as a special incentive to arrange for a legacy gift to TVUUC now, while matching funds remain available. If you have any questions, you may contact any member of the Endowment Fund Committee or write to Endowment(at)