This category is for cakes, cookies, soups, and other single food items. If you will deliver a dinner or similar meal, see separate instructions for Dinners Delivered. Note instructions for delivery below.
If you are donating food:
Go to the Donation Page as described in the General Instructions. Under category, choose Goodies to Eat.

Please provide a complete description of the item you are donating (including size or quantity, and maybe ingredients). A photograph is not required. If you are proving food for more than one winning bidder, don’t forget to enter quantity in the space labeled Qty. Food does not need to be prepared before the auction but must be available for delivery within one week after the auction unless you specify later delivery in your description. Food should be delivered to buyers within 15 miles of the church, or to the church parking lot. (Note detailed delivery instructions below.)

After the auction:

Donors: Please contact the buyer no more than three days after the auction to arrange for delivery of the food item.* Donors should plan to deliver the item to the buyer’s home within a week after the auction or arrange to meet the buyer in the church parking lot or other location agreed upon. (If you are unable to do this for some reason, please contact Wendy Syer for advice. (syer(at) or 865-579-3679)

Buyers: If you live within 15 miles of the church, your food should be delivered to you at home or in the TVUUC parking lot, or another agreed upon location. If you live outside that distance, please plan to meet the donor in the church parking lot, unless they offer to deliver to your home. Delivery should be made within one week after the auction unless the item description specifies otherwise.

*To find out who purchased your item: Log into the Auction website (as described in the General Instructions). This will take you to the My Statement screen. Scroll down to Items Donated. The buyer’s name will be listed with a phone number. Click on Buyer’s name to send an e-mail.
If you cannot find contact information for the donor or the buyer, please contact Wendy Syer (syer(at) or 865-579-3679) or send an email to Auction(at)