Instructions for Donors

Jewelry is always a popular category in the TVUUC auction. This year will be no different.

If you are donating Jewelry:

See the General Donor Instructions to enter your item. In most cases, quantity will be one. If you are offering two items as a set (e.g. matching bracelet and necklace) enter quantity one but indicate in your description that it includes both items.

In this category, description is the key!!

You should describe the piece in your written catalog offering as closely as you can, naming stones, metal: gold (carat), silver, nickel, etc.

Necklace: length

Bracelet: length

Bangle bracelet: diameter (distance across)

Pins: length and width

Earrings: pierced or clip as well as length and width

The most helpful description will be a photograph optimally using a ruler to show length and other features. For hints on photographing your item, click here. If you need help photographing contact Diane Fox dfox7(at)

Here are some samples:

In the past, we have evaluated jewelry for value and prices when requested. Please feel free to request help. Lillian Mashburn, lmashburn(at)

After the Auction

Buyers and donors should communicate about delivery of the item, either at suitable location or at the Church Parking lot. The Auction Committee will also have one or two days designated when the buyer can pick up the item at the church, if you have brought it there on the date designated by the Auction Committee.