To take a photograph of your donated object, place the object against a neutral background. Depending on the lightness or darkness of the object choose a background that contrasts enough with the object to stand out. For instance, you would not photograph a white object on white or black object on black.

Include a ruler in the image if it is possible to include it and still create a strong image of the object. If this is not possible (and even if it is) be sure to add the dimensions of the items in your description.

If you are photographing with your phone and you do not have software to color correct the image, please be aware that objects shot in the open shade will have a slight blue tint. If you are photographing with a digital camera you can adjust for this by selecting “open Shade” or “Shade” for the color mode. Phones are mostly adjusted for daylight lighting.

The best way to isolate the background is to set up a curved piece of paper on which to set the object. If you are photographing a small object from overhead with a ruler, this is not needed.