If you are interested in volunteering for the 2020 TVUUC Auction, please contact Diane Fox (dfox7(at)utk.edu) or the Auction Committee (auction(at)tvuuc.org.)

Some of the volunteer opportunities are:

  • Phone-A-Thon group – Help spread the word and get folks thinking about what to offer this year
  • Website data entry – Enter info from paper donation forms (Not everyone is tech-savvy, but we do hope the instructions will enable most people to enter their own donation)
  • Offer to call new members and talk to them about the auction
  • Business Donation gatherers – ask for items to donate – they get a mention in the catalog! (Make sure we know you are doing this so businesses do not get asked several times.)
  • Help with creating advertising ideas for the auction
  • Help with auction item delivery (or pick-up at the church) after the auction
  • Help imagine ideas for the Auction Night Zoom Party
  • Help by creating short videos of yourself showing off your auction item(s)
  • Offer an entertainment (music, talent show, create a cocktail, show/talk about your auction item, etc.) for the Auction Night Zoom Party
  • Can you think of some other way you’d like to help make our event better?