Annual Congregational Meeting

June 10, 2018 at 12:30 pm in the Sanctuary

TVUUC Members and Friends,

Sunday, June 10th, Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church will hold its Annual Congregational Meeting in the Sanctuary at 12:30 pm.
We will discuss and review several important congregational matters Your input and participation are priceless, and we encourage everyone to attend.
You must be a member of the church and sign in before the meeting in order to be able to vote.
Absentee voting is accomplished only by using the proxy system, as outlined below.

Please click here to review information in advance: Congregational Meeting 2018

Physical copies of information will be available in the church office before the meeting on June 10.   

Agenda for the meeting

Call to Order
Approval of the minutes of the May 21, 2017 Congregational Meeting

Brief Review of 2017-18 – Jeff Kovac

Report of the Nominating Committee – David Holden
Report of the Endowment Committee – Lillian Mashburn
  for Ken Stephenson
Share the Plate Information and Reminder to Vote – Terry Uselton
Resolution to name Jenny Arthur Minister, emerita – Jeff Kovac
Proposed budget for 2018-19 – Robby McMurry
Election Results
Introduction of President for 2018-2019 – Jeff Kovac

Proxy (Absentee) Voting

If you are a member who is unable to attend and would still like to vote, you can arrange to vote by proxy. This means you may select another member to vote on your behalf. A member may serve as proxy for no more than two absent members. To do so, provide written authorization that the proxy may vote for you (you can do this by emailing the proxy). The proxy will then bring your written authorization or printed email to the church and check in between 10 am and 12pm. The proxy will be given a proxy card to show during votes.
We look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting.
Jeff Kovac
Board President
Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church