In the heart of beautiful East Tennessee, Knoxville is conveniently situated near the most visited of America’s national parks, the spectacular Great Smoky Mountains ( Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area ( and several state parks and TVA lakes are also within an hour’s drive. This location makes Knoxville a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, offering activities for everyone: hiking, climbing, camping, outdoor photography, canoeing, kayaking, and skiing. As home to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville is also a rich cultural center with great music, theatre, intellectual exchange, and a growing global community. Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church is one of the largest and most active in the region.,

When you visit, give your trip a personal touch by staying with fellow Unitarian Universalists. Members of TVUUC offer lodging and breakfast in their homes for short-term stays (1–5 days) and all proceeds benefit the church. We offer a variety of accommodations, all of them located within convenient reach of Knoxville’s attractions.

Please peruse the rates listed below. Once you’ve decided to come, request a room by filling in the reservation form (available through the “Reservation” link above).

We look forward to your visit.

Please send inquiries, cancellations, and requests for refunds to gro.c1569191750uuvt@1569191750maetg1569191750nisuo1569191750h1569191750

Rates and information

•   Private room: $50 single/$70 double, per night

•   Children: $15 ($10 if they bring their own sleeping bags), per night

•   There is a $10 reservation fee.

If you reserve for more than two people to be lodged in the same home, please request a private bathroom as part of your reservation. This consideration is important for your comfort as well for the convenience of your host family.

Please be advised that we are unlikely to be able to accommodate more than four individuals in the same home.

We cannot accommodate children under age 3, smokers, or pets (service dogs excepted.)

Blackout dates

We will be unable to accommodate guests during the following periods:

November 22–30

December 15–31

Cancellation policy

Our cancellation polity is intended to cover the credit card and reservation fees incurred with handling your reservation:

•   Up until one week before the visit, you will receive a full refund, minus the merchant account fee (5% of the entire transaction) and an administrative fee of $10.

•   Within a week of the visit, you will receive a full refund, minus the value of one night’s accommodation, the merchant fee (5% of the entire transaction), and an administrative fee of $10.