Heart to Heart Circles: A Small Group Ministry program at TVUUC – Beginning Soon!

Often people seek a church community in order to find deeper meaning in their lives and to build relationships with others who share their values. For people new to the church community, as well of those who’ve been here for a long time, TVUUC’s Heart to Heart Circle groups offer a way to form deep connections with a small group of people in an affirming, covenanted space focused on deep listening and personal introspection.

Listening is powerful. When we listen to other people, we recognize their inherent worth through the gift of our attention. Too often in conversation with others we do not truly listen but instead spend our time devising our next response, scheming a solution to the other person’s problem, or just awaiting the next opportunity to speak. It is challenging to turn off your own mind and direct your attention completely to another person. As with most other social skills, to master listening, practice is required.

Heart to Heart Circles will meet once a month, October-June. Each month we will have selected readings along with questions to consider as we reflect on a particular theme. Trained volunteer facilitators will give participants time to pause, reflect, speak what’s in their heart, and hold the space while others share their thoughts.

Registration is open through September 25th.  When you register, you’ll share your availability for weekday or weekend groups.  We will work to form groups that meet the scheduling needs of all those who are interested, but final priority must be given to facilitator availability.

Participants in past Circles have found them deeply meaningful, offering experiences of “safe feeling in a group,” “commonality of the human experience,” a “sense of connection and rootedness in this community,” and affirmation that “sometimes nothing needs to be said – you just want someone to listen. It was great practicing & experiencing that.”  All at TVUUC are invited to take part in this year’s Heart to Heart program!

With questions or for more information, contact Catherine Farmer Loya at catherineloya(at)tvuuc.org or (865) 523-4176 x 111.