Denominational Affairs Committee
As needed – Members promote participation by TVUUC in activities sponsored by larger Unitarian Universalist groups including the East Tennessee UU Cluster, Southern Region activities (examples: Southern UU Leadership Experience and Southeast UU Summer Institute) and the Unitarian Universalist Association. Organizes and makes the congregation aware of activities and discussions raised at the UUA General Assembly, while providing feedback to the UUA. The committee ensures TVUUC is represented at meetings of the East Tennessee Cluster of UU Churches. Contact: Erven Williams, Email

East Tennessee Cluster of Unitarian Universalist Churches
Monthly meetings, 12 noon at Westside UU Church – A group of representatives – ministers and lay people – gather from the four local UU churches, often also including congregations in Chattanooga and the Tri-Cities. Representatives discuss and organize events of common interest to all the churches, usually geared towards training, educational or social action efforts. The Cluster also plans social events designed to increase interaction and learning among the different congregations. Cluster representatives need to have an interest in Unitarian Universalism beyond their own congregation, and be willing to promote Cluster events in their congregations. Contact: Lance McCold Email