Speaker: Rev Chris Buice

The Obstacle is the Way

The Hindu god Ganesha, who manifests in the form of an elephant, is know as the remover of obstacles. Do you have obstacles in your life? Do you need someone to remove them? Another alternative is to consider that the obstacle may be the way. … read more.

When Church Becomes a Bad Habit

In religion there can be a temptation to go though the motions, repeat the routine, follow the rules when what our souls long for is the infusion of the transforming power of love. This Sunday we explore how to move from routine to the kind … read more.

Good Medicine (and Heavily Advertised Pharmaceuticals)

Many indigenous cultures speak of spiritual wisdom as good medicine. Words can be healing. Rituals can be restorative. Sacred practices can be healthy for body and soul. In an age when we are inundated with advertisements for a wide variety of pharmaceutical products let’s take a look at quieter and less publicized forms of good medicine

Enough Already!

This morning we will explore how to create a time of summer Sabbath in the midst of a time of heightened anxiety.

Why We Love to Hate

The number of hate groups has doubled over the last four years. In the midst of a global pandemic we are confronted by the disturbing realization that hatred is also a contagious disease. How do we keep ourselves healthy and strengthen our immune systems when there is some part of us that loves to hate.

Daughters of the American Evolution

Our nation was founded in a revolution. How would we be different if we had emerged from a slower process of evolution? This Mother’s Day we will look at what diplomats call “soft power” and how we can use it to help us transform the … read more.

A Sliver of Light

The crescent and the star are a symbol of Islam. The image is of a crescent moon and a morning star (or a rising sun.) During the season of Ramadan we will reflect on the crescent moon part of the symbol and what it has … read more.