Speaker: Rev Chris Buice

When Our Heart is in a Holy Place

Jeni Stephens did not meet the man who would walk her down the aisle until the day before the wedding. Arthur Thomas had received her father’s heart in an organ transplant operation 10 years before. This Sunday we will reflect on the many forms of … read more.

Harriet Tubman: Bodhisattva

While pictures of Harriet Tubman abound on bulletin boards during Black History Month we do not usually associate her with Eastern Religions. This Sunday we will explore how the General of the Underground Railroad can help us have a deeper understanding of Buddhism.

Holy Envy

Krister Stendahl argues that when you study another religion you should not compare your best with their worst but leave room for “holy envy.” Is it possible for the world’s religions to stop being competitive long enough to form a mutual admiration society?

How White People Can Spoil a Good Party

The vocabulary we use in our social justice efforts is constantly changing. Our denomination’s goal to dismantle “white supremacy” has sometimes met reactivity from those who associate such words with Nazis, the KKK and other hate groups. This Sunday we will reflect on how … read more.

Toiling in the Vineyard

How is liberal religion different from every other kind? The answer can be found in how we help people grow. Liberal religion is sometimes seen as a form of benign neglect, however, there is often more method to the madness than can be easily seen … read more.

So you’re “Not Religious”?

Recently a friend of the church found a printed copy of a sermon preached in 1953 by our first settled minister the Reverend Richard Henry. The topic is surprisingly timely today in an age where 33% of the people in our country identify as “nones” … read more.

All Will Be Well(or Will It?)

Julian of Norwich declared, “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.” However, it doesn’t always feel that way.