Speaker: Rev Chris Buice

All Will Be Well(or Will It?)

Julian of Norwich declared, “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.” However, it doesn’t always feel that way.

Broken Open: All Souls

Life can either break us apart or break us open. This Sunday we honor the traditions of All Souls, All Saints and the Day of the Dead. You are invited to bring a picture of loved one who is no longer living or someone you … read more.

It’s a Witch Hunt

We often hear the president use the phrase, “It’s a witch hunt!” This Sunday in anticipation of Halloween our minister will tell the story of taking our church youth group on a tour of the Salem Witch Museum housed in a Gothic Revival building that … read more.

When Weakness is Our Great Strength

The Tao Te Ching teaches that most people think of water as weak and a rock as strong but overtime water can wear away the strongest stone. This Sunday we will reflect on the gentleness that may be our greatest strength.

Sunday, October 13, 201911am … read more.

Self-Examination versus Self-flagellation

How do we forgive others and ourselves? The High Holy Days of the Jewish Calendar are meant to be a time of self-examination, however, sometimes they can become a time of self-flagellation? How do we find the golden mean between guilt and grace.

Sunday, October … read more.