TVUUC has two mail lists:

  • Announce2tvuuc is used to send and receive only Church-related announcements.
  • Tvuuc-el is used to send and receive general discussion emails. Tvuuc-el also receives all of the church-related announcements from the Announce2 mail list. (This links to the Tvuuc-el Policy.)

Why Do We Have Two Church Mail Lists: Tvuuc-el and Announce2tvuuc?

The Announce2tvuuc list is moderated and strictly for TVUUC announcements. Posts are subject to approval by one of a small team of Announce2tvuuc moderators. However, messages from certain church leaders who post frequently (i.e. church staff members) are NOT held for moderation. This expedites communication and reduces the number of administrative tasks that have to be performed.

Announce2tvuuc posts include announcements about church programs, events, weather emergencies, etc. There are also announcements about illnesses and deaths in the congregation, and memorial services (but not weddings and births). On occasion, information from the Southeast District Unitarian Universalist Association (previously the “Thomas Jefferson District”) and/or UUA is forwarded to the Announce2tvuuc list. Forwarded announcements from our neighboring UU churches are also generally approved.

Before the Announce2tvuuc list was established in 2003, the church used only ONE automated Email listserv. The open discussion Tvuuc-el list served for both church announcements and open discussions. There came a time when a number of Tvuuc-el subscribers wanted the option of receiving church announcements without having to wade through (or filter out) the discussion messages. Hence; the Announce2tvuuc list broke off. Over the years however, many church leaders have continued to post church announcements to the Tvuuc-el list either out of habit or to bypass moderation. Since church staff and other leaders post unmoderated, it should be expected that from time to time, a social greeting or discussion type message may reach the Announce2tvuuc list. Conversely; it should also be expected that from time to time, an important church announcement may be posted via the Tvuuc-el list and fail to reach the Announce2tvuuc list.

Remember that when it comes to Email, more is NOT better. Church leaders should resist the (shotgun) impulse to cover all bases by cross-posting to both the Announce2tvuuc list and the Tvuuc-el. Duplicate messages that show up in a recipient’s mail box are likely to be deleted without being read at all.

From the time the  Tvuuc-el Policy was first put into effect and until just recently (mid September 2013), there was the option to subscribe to the Tvuuc-el discussion list without receiving the “official TVUUC announcements” that are posted to the Announce2tvuuc list. Announce2tvuuc messages are now automatically relayed to the Tvuuc-el and Tvuuc-el subscribers are subscribed to the Announce2tvuuc list through the Tvuuc-el list, they are NOT individually subscribed to the Announce2tvuuc.

Many TVUUC members (including leaders) find it confusing that we have two church listservs and not just one. Within our ranks there is conflict about the kinds of electronic communications we want to receive via our church’s automated listserv. We are fortunate to utilize a variety of electronic communication venues that overlap: the church web site, E-Newsletter, the TVUUC Facebook page, Twitter, etc. With regard to Email lists, some of us are better than others when it comes to dealing with large volumes of incoming messages. The church doesn’t want to lose touch with the folks who might unsubscribe just because there are TOO MANY MESSAGES; especially if some, or many of those messages are superfluous duplicates.

Bill Pierce, Announce2tvuuc and Tvuuc-el Administrator