Upcoming Worship Services

Sundays at 11 am

September 2 – Bread, Roses, and Dilbert’s Cubicle – Rev. Gordon Gibson

This Labor Day weekend seems a good time to invite thought about the role of work in our individual lives and in our society. Over a century ago striking textile mill workers sought both fairer wages and better living conditions, both “bread and roses.” Today more of us may identify with the Dilberts of the world than with industrial workers, but don’t we all still need both bread and roses?

September 9 – Invite a Friend Sunday, or “How to Explain Unitarian Universalism Before Your Ice Cream Melts” – Rev. Chris Buice

On Sunday September 9, invite a friend to church! Our minister will be speaking on the subject, “How to Explain Unitarian Universalism Before Your Ice Cream Melts.” Your friend may be looking for a church, or be a member of another faith who wants to engage you in interfaith dialogue, or be someone who is simply curious about what you do on Sunday. Every aspect of the service will be to help others understand who we are in the shortest amount of time possible: aka before your ice cream melts.

p.s. Inviting your friend is as easy as sharing this event with them!

September 16 – All is Forgiven – Rev. Chris Buice and Viren Lalka

East meets West this year as the High Holy Days of the Jewish calendar intersect with the Jain tradition of Samvatsari both of which are holy days of forgiveness.

September 30 – Is God All In Your Head? – Pam Johnson

Some of us sense the presence of God, while others are skeptical. We’ll explore what neuroscience has to say about religious experiences.