Upcoming Worship Services

Sundays at 11 am, unless noted otherwise

December 2 – Shalom, Salaam, Peace – Rev. Chris Buice

Peace is not the absence of tension but the presence of justice. This year Chanukah begins in the midst of a rise in anti-Semitic vandalism and hate crimes. How shall we work for peace in tense times?

December 9 – The Atheist’s Case for the Tooth Fairy – Rev. Chris Buice

The winter holidays are a mixture of fact and fiction, history and legend, reality and imagination. Are there times when even the most rational among us should suspend the use of reason?

December 16 – Awaiting a Great Light – Rev. Chris Buice, Leslie Gengozian and Choir

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer we find creative ways to bring light to dark times; one those ways is singing! Come to this special holiday musical service.

12.23 Caravan of Hope: A Las Posadas Pageant – Catherine Farmer Loya

When travelers come to our doors seeking safety and shelter, how shall we respond? Join us for our Las Posadas “pageant from the pews,” a participatory pageant for all ages about welcoming the stranger and the ministry of hospitality.

December 24 – Christmas Eve: Two Services

4 pm – Family Friendly Christmas Service – Catherine Farmer Loya and Rev. Chris Buice

A special family-friendly service with songs, stories, tree decorating,
and a child dedication. All are invited to bring an ornament to contribute to a
special ritual in the service.

7 pm – Christmas Eve Evening Service of Lessons and Carols – Rev. Chris Buice

This is a traditional Lessons and Carols service that will mix ancient lessons,
familiar old hymns, and contemporary wisdom.

December 30 – Nevertheless, She Persisted: Evolving Roles of Women in American Politics

The roles of women in American politics have grown steadily since the advent of the Suffragist Movement and the ratification of the 19th amendment in 1920. We’ll hear stories about the courage and determination of some of the women who persisted.