Upcoming Worship Services

Sundays at 11 am (unless otherwise noted)

April 29 – Inspired or Insane? – Rev. Chris Buice

A mental health specialist once diagnosed the prophet Ezekiel as schizophrenic suffering from depressive psychosis. Likewise, many social justice pioneers were labeled insane in their time only to be seen as inspired by future generations. So what is the difference between inspiration and insanity?

May 6 – Toxic Masculinity and the Divine Feminine – Rev. Chris Buice

Toxic masculinity manifests itself in many forms; abusive relationships, stressed-out workplaces, poisonous politics and more. This Sunday we will reflect on how the divine feminine may help us address the problems created by toxic masculinity.

May 13 – Julia Ward Howe: Fierce and Peaceful Mother – Pam Johnson

Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910) was the founder of Mothers’ Day, but the day she envisioned had nothing to do with flowers, greeting cards, or breakfast in bed. How might the contributions of this notable Unitarian woman inspire our own commitment to social justice?

 May 20 – Evidence of Things Unseen – Rev. Chris Buice and Catherine Farmer Loya

The book of Hebrews says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” This Sunday we will celebrate the work of creating a vital congregation for all ages, honor our lifespan religious education volunteers, recognize our graduating high school seniors and reflect on the liberal religious approach to things seen and unseen.

 May 27 – Liberal Islam and Conservative America – Rev. Chris Buice

This Sunday in the midst of the season of Ramadan we explore the challenges of being a liberal Muslim in our increasingly conservative country. We will reflect on the Islamic leaders who advocate for moving beyond literalism, fundamentalism and ethnic tribalism even as many American leaders are embracing these trends.