Upcoming Worship Services

Sundays at 11 am

August 5 – Is it Okay to be Rude to Alexa? – Rev. Chris Buice

What is the appropriate etiquette for interacting with a voice-activated interactive computer program? Is it okay to be rude, demanding and entitled? If so, how long before we start treating people the same way?

August 12 – A Fish Out of Water Might Not Believe in the Ocean – Rev. Chris Buice

This Sunday is our annual water communion service. You are invited to bring water to pour into a common basin from some special place you have been this summer that may be no further away than your kitchen sink.

August 19 – Open the Doors – Rev. Chris Buice

It can be intimidating to walk into a church for the first time. How can we better engage in the work of turning a room full of strangers into a community of friends?

August 26 – Embodied Knowing: The Spirituality of Somatics – Christopher Watkins Lamb

Spirituality has traditionally been defined in opposition to the material world. This is your invitation to embrace somatic practice as spiritual practice and explore the deep wisdom of the body.