Upcoming Worship Services

Sundays at 11 am

 May 27 – Liberal Islam and Conservative America – Rev. Chris Buice

This Sunday in the midst of the season of Ramadan we explore the challenges of being a liberal Muslim in our increasingly conservative country. We will reflect on the Islamic leaders who advocate for moving beyond literalism, fundamentalism and ethnic tribalism even as many American leaders are embracing these trends.

June 3 – Portraits of Poverty – Pam Johnson

As the revival of the Poor People’s Campaign gets underway, we’ll take a look at the many faces of poverty and explore faithful responses to this justice issue.

June 10 – The Neighborhood of Boston – Rev. Chris Buice

In the 19th Century, it was said, “Unitarians believe in the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of Man and the Neighborhood of Boston” although we
have expanded both geographically and theologically since then. Our high school youth group will have returned from their Boston Heritage Trip prepared to tell you stories about our faith then and now.

June 17 – Where there is Sadness May We Bring Joy – Rev. Chris Buice

In our times swing dancing seems like innocent fun but in 1940’s Germany and occupied territories it was considered anti-fascist activism and the threat to the regime. In honor of Pride Week, we will reflect on the power of the spirit of joy to overcome oppression.

 June 24 – The Stories of Our Lives – Neil and Kathy Greenberg

The Greenbergs will speak to the transmutations of experience into consciousness and consciousness into the stories we tell ourselves and each other. How is it that after all our experiences, throughout our lives and after “changes upon changes, we are more-or-less the same?” How is it that sharing our stories and hearing the stories of others makes us feel more complete as spiritual beings. We will have special music with Denise Coleman and others.