TVUUC 2020 Online Auction Website Opens For Donations

The auction committee is very happy to announce that the TVUUC 2020 Online Auction will be open to receive donations on Tuesday, September 1!

You can reach the website by using or going to the front page of the TVUUC website and clicking on the button marked “2020 TVUUC Online Auction” or going under the “Give” dropdown menu and selecting “Online Auction Website.” Also located under the “Give” dropdown and beside the auction button are the links to the TVUUC Auction Information to clarify any questions you may have about how and what to donate, and specifics about the new types of offerings this year (Dinners Delivered, Goodies to Eat, Parties, Performances and Events, etc). This link will also include instructions on How to Photograph your Items and Volunteer Opportunities. Later, instructions on How to Bid will be added to this collection.

This year’s TVUUC 2020 Online Auction will be completely online, as will the Dinners, Parties, Performances and Events we will be offering. Though we will miss the camaraderie of dinners together in homes and the physical gathering on auction day itself, this online version allows us to open up new possibilities. For instance, we will be holding the auction for three days, Dec. 3,4,5, versus our regular one-day event and will have a Zoom Party on Auction Day, Dec. 5.

The auction is the church’s largest fundraiser, so please put on your thinking caps and use your imaginations to broaden the ways we can be together and what items you can offer. What is your career or talent? Can you offer a workshop, lecture, musical event, informational session? Do you own a business to which you can offer a gift certificate? Are you creative and want to offer a handcrafted item or create a basket of goodies around a theme? Can you bake and wish to offer an item to be delivered to the winning donor or cook a dinner for 2, 4, 6 and deliver it to their door (or meet at the church parking lot)?

We are also looking for volunteers and people interested in helping imagine robust and entertaining auction night Zoom events. Can you offer a music session, a video of yourself displaying and encouraging people to buy your auction item, a happy hour instruction session on how to mix a specific drink or suggestions of what people can mix depending on what they have in their liquor cabinet? Let’s make this a fun event and see this as an opportunity to support the church while getting to see each other!