2022 Martin Luther King Parade

Beloveds, the 2022 MLK Prade is happening!

TVUUC will have a presence as we Side With Love and Live Our 8 Principles of Faith

For more information, contact me, Roddy Biggs at (615) 784-9648 or And please RSVP using the google form below so I can have a headcount and be able to share updates with you as we get closer to Parade Day!
The annual MLK parade is happening at this point on Monday January 17. Lineup is at 8:30 am. The church has reserved a spot which includes space for two vehicles.
The MLK Parade will begin at Midway (Chilhowee Park) 3300 E. Magnolia Avenue, Knoxville TN 37914. The Midway Chilhowee Park entrance is directly off of North Beaman Street, parallel to Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue. The parade route will run through MLK Blvd and end on Harriet Tubman Street. Following the parade, the Memorial Tribute Service will take place at Overcoming Believers Church, 211 Harriet Tubman Street, Knoxville TN 37915
KAT buses will pick up those participating in the parade and parking in the Harriet Tubman area at 8:30. KAT buses will transport those participants to the Midway Chilhowee Park entrance. Kat will also transport participants back to Midway (Chilhowee Park) at the parade’s end. Buses will be stationed at Harriet Tubman Street and McCalla Ave.