2022 Information for Donors of:


Parties, Performances and Events

Lessons and Workshops

A Dinner is a full meal (dinner, lunch, or other meal) which will take place at the host’s home or other location.

The category of Parties, Performances and Events is for parties or other festive events for a group of people which do not include a full meal.   You may choose to provide drinks or refreshments, but this is not required.    As these events tend to have a larger number of people, some donors choose to make them fixed price to make them more affordable.

Lessons and Workshops would be the best category if you are teaching a skill or providing information.   This may be for a group of people or on an individual basis.   Your description should explain whether you are offering individual lessons or teaching a group class.

If you are not sure of the best category for your event, contact the Auction Committee.

Each bid is for one person who will attend your dinner event, or workshop.

COVID Guidelines:   This year, the Auction Committee is not making specific restrictions related to COVID.   However, we ask that hosts of dinners and other in-person events follow the CDC Guidelines in place at the time of the event.   You may also add further requirements if you choose, possibly at the request of your guests (such as requiring a negative COVID test on the day of the event.)

Entering a Donation

  1. Go to the Donation Page as described in the General Instructions. Under category, choose the appropriate category (e.g. Dinners; Parties, Performances and Events; or Lessons and Workshops.)
  2. Enter the title and description of your event.
  3. Under Qty put the maximum number of people who can attend your dinner or event.
  4. Enter an estimated value (probably more than the minimum bid) and a minimum bid. Remember than these values are for one person only, If you want your event to be sold at a fixed price, check that box and specify that in the description.
  5. Add the date and time of your event.

Enter as complete a description of your dinner or event as you can, to entice bidding. For a Dinner, you may not know what type of salad or sides you are providing, but you should at least be able to tempt the bidder with a good description of the main entree! Many Dinners are based on a theme, such as Mexican Dinner, Thanksgiving in Spring, etc. If you will provide some refreshments for other events, say so.  Also note what, if any, type of alcohol will be included. The more detailed the description, the clearer the bidder will be about what they are getting for their bid. It may be helpful to say where the event will be held.  Make sure you enter the date and time of your event.   This is important so people will know if they are free, and so they can avoid buying two events on the same day.    (However, if you are offering individual lessons, you may leave the date blank and say “Time to be arranged” in the description.)  A photo is not required.

Please read the General Donor Instructions before entering your donation.

After the Auction

Donor should contact the winning bidders before the date of the event as a reminder.

To find out who purchased your item:

  1. Click here to log into the Auction website.
  2. Go to the My Statement Screen
  3. Scroll down to Items Donated. The winning Bidders’ names will be listed with phone numbers. Click on names to send an e-mail.
  4. If you need help finding the names of the winning Bidders, contact the Auction Committee.