Beautiful Junk

Hello, TVUUC friends. Are you ready for our RE Learning Lab Creative Challenge for this week?  ALL of our TVUUC friends – children, youth, young adults, parents, non-parenting adults, elders – are invited to take part!

In this time of staying put as much as we can, to help keep our communities as safe as possible, looking for ways to use materials we already have on hand is even more useful than ever.  We can create beauty right where we are with the things we already have!  So join me in this week’s Creative Challenge:

Make the world a little bit more beautiful by creating a work of Junk Art, and post a photo in the comments so we can create our very own TVUUC Virtual Art Show!  Whether you use junk mail, items from your recycling bins, fancy art materials that have been hiding in a drawer or closet, or something entirely unexpected that you can repurpose for your art, we want you to be extravagantly creative!  Make something to keep, or a temporary installation – it’s up to you!






Share photos of your masterwork with us in the comments (or on the corresponding post on our TVUUC Members & Friends Facebook page)!