When you donate to the TVUUC Endowment Fund, you are not only ensuring the future of TVUUC. You are also supporting projects made possible by earnings from the Fund.

Every Year: Earnings from the Endowment Fund help maintain the TVUUC Memorial Garden.

2020: For 2020 projects, the Endowment Fund Committee solicited proposals from across the entire Congregation. Some of those proposals were funded, along with emergency needs due to the pandemic. Here are the 2020 projects, most of which are still in development.

Video Production / Live Streaming / Virtual Meetings: When the pandemic closed the church in March of 2020, emergency funds were needed to enable online services and meetings. The Fund paid for a video camera, tripod, and upgrades to the wireless network inside the church. Also included: an annual Zoom subscription that made it possible to hold webinars and virtual board and committee meetings.

Religious Education: Endowment funds for the RE program will be used for the first upgrade to the nursery space since the church was built, improving safety, storage, and welcoming & engaging elements inside the nursery. We will also  replace weathered and damaged playground riding toys, purchase recreational equipment for older youth, and provide a secure weatherproof storage shed to store outdoor play equipment and toys. The projects will be completed in time for a safe and loving welcome for returning young TVUUCers when we reopen for in-person programs for all ages.  

Storage Shed: A chain-link fence that secured ladders and other equipment was located just outside the rear lobby doors. But the fence had to be removed to build the patio (see below). The shed will provide the storage space and security needed for this equipment.

Mission & History Display: As envisioned by co-creators Beauvais Lyons and John Bohstedt, this project will include colorful, large format photos mounted on one wall in the TVUUC lobby. The photos will depict adults and youth engaged in a wide range of activities over the course of our history. The Congregation will have an opportunity to comment on the design and the photos before final approval is considered by the board.

Building Retrofits: Funds were allocated to help purchase hand sanitizer stations, touchless faucets and/or automated toilets — retrofits that will help ensure our health when the building is reopened.

2019: The Welcome Garden: The wildflower garden along Kingston Pike was proposed by Doris Gove as a welcoming place for members and visitors, and a learning lab for children. With the help of volunteers, Doris continues to enlarge and beautify this corner of the church grounds.

2018: The Fellowship Patio: This new patio of permeable pavers, just outside the Greg McKendry Fellowship Hall, was proposed (and largely implemented!) by Barbara Lamm. And it was Barbara who mounted a fund-raising drive to buy the furniture!

2017: Technology Upgrade: New wireless infrastructure, video screens in the Fellowship Hall, the Lizzie Crozier-French room, the lobby, and classrooms, and a tablet for RE. Thanks especially to Claudia Pressley and Daniel Buchanan.

2016: 20th Anniversary Project: A new sound system for the sanctuary, digital and wireless. Proposed by then music director Leslie Gengozian and the Music Committee; the project was implemented by Leslie with the help of Bill Dabbs and others.