The TVUUC Endowment Fund Committee (EFC) is proposing an overhaul of the Endowment Fund Charter. Because there are so many changes, a new Charter has been drafted and will be submitted later this spring for consideration by the Congregation at the 2022 annual meeting at 12:30 p.m. Sunday June 12. Passage requires approval by a two-thirds vote of those voting members of the Congregation present at the meeting.

Here are links to the new proposed Charter and other key documents. Please review these documents and then submit your questions, concerns, comments, and suggestions to:

David Massey – 865-621-8352

Grier Novinger – 865-406-5746

Introduction to Charter Revisions [PDF]

Here is an overview of the proposed changes along with a deep dive into one of the most significant revisions.

New Endowment Fund Charter Draft [PDF]

This new proposed Charter has been vetted and approved not only by the Endowment Fund Committee but also by EFC’s attorney, J. Scott Griswold of the Knoxville law firm Long, Ragsdale & Waters.

It has been reviewed by the Board of Directors, which has endorsed the process by which the EFC generated this new Charter.

Current Charter [PDF]

This Charter has seen only one significant amendment (the addition of new Sub-Funds) since it was first adopted by the Congregation in 1992.

UPMIFA Tennessee [PDF}

The TVUUC Endowment Fund is subject to the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA), which was adopted in 2007. UPMIFA plays a key role in the proposed revisions to the TVUUC Endowment Fund Charter.

Line-by-Line Revisions [PDF]

For those who wish to see line-by-line revisions, this is the current Charter overlaid with the proposed revisions, along with explanatory notes.

April 21, 2022