Thank you for your interest in holding your event at TVUUC. The information listed on this page contains information about our facilities that we hope will be helpful to you in planning your event. You may also want to view our calendar to check on room availability. For more information or to schedule a tour of our facilities, please contact the TVUUC office at 865-523-4176 or email the church at secretary(at) Here’s a link to our Facility Use Agreement.



General Information

Kitchen – Amenities include:

(Please check with the Director of Administration about the availability of Kitchen Amenities.)

  • Industrial Bunn Coffee Machine
  • Gas stove with double ovens (with advance permission from the Director of Administration)
  • Industrial double door refrigerator
  • Industrial dish washer
  • 3 compartment sink
  • Food preparation tables


(Please check with the Director of Administration about the availability of Sanctuary Amenities.)

  • Piano
  • Organ (with advance permission from Leslie Gengozian, our Director of Music)
  • ALL events in the Sanctuary of more than 100 people will require a  TVUUC Sound Operator with additional fees charged. * See miscellaneous Information below. *
  • ANY event requiring more than our portable lecturn sound system will require a TVUUC Sound Operator. *Please contact the church office to make sure that option is available for your event*
  • Multiple wired microphone access points
  • Multiple wireless microphones
  • 16-channel sound mixer capable of audio CD recording

Emergency Cancellations

While the church will make every effort to notify renters of inclement weather closings, renters also have a responsibility for checking for possible closings when the weather is inclement. Rent paid in advance for an event that was unable to meet because of a closing will either be reimbursed or credited towards a future event. Occasionally, a church event will need to be scheduled during a recurring event time. We will notify you as soon as possible if your event will need to be cancelled.

 Miscellaneous Information:

  • There is a $11 per hour Security/Sexton fee added to all events occurring outside of normal church operating hours.
    • Sextons will open the building 30 minutes before your event is scheduled to begin and stay 30 minutes after your scheduled end time. Please add this amount to your rental fees.
    • The Sexton is not responsible for room set-up, take down, or cleaning, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Director of Administration. (Additional fees may apply.)
  • The Sound System must be run by a trained TVUUC Sound Operator
    1. A $25 per hour fee, with a 2 hour minimum, will be required for Speaking Events.
    2. For Musical Events the Sound Operator Fee is $50 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum.
    3. Sound Operators will set-up the Sanctuary 60 minutes (1 hour)  before your event is scheduled to begin and stay 60 minutes (1 hour) after your scheduled end time.Please add this amount to your rental fees. Any exception must be approved by the Director of Administration and the Director of Music in advance of the event. 
  • Several of our rooms (Lizzie Crozier French, Fellowship Hall and Rooms A,B, C, and D) have TVs with attached computers and DVD players.  If you are using that technology for your event, it is your responsibility to contact the church office during our regular hours (Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm) to set-up a time to be trained on the equipment and to be issued a Technology Bag before the date of your event. Evening Sextons are not Technology Trainers.
  • Regularly recurring events may be eligible for a reduced rental rate.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the church and only allowed in the designated area across the parking lot from the main entrance.
  • No weapons of any type are allowed inside the church.
  • Alcohol (beer and wine only) may be consumed on church property if approved in advance by the Director of Administration.
    • Usage of alcohol must be in compliance with the church policy and procedure, included here by reference, and proof of liability coverage must be provided.
  • The individual or organization securing the facilities (the “renter”) is responsible for the behavior of all attendees.
  • TVUUC does not provide childcare for non-church groups.
    • If childcare is provided by the Renter, TVUUC’s policies on childcare must be followed.
  • When a Sexton is on duty, Renter must obey any instructions that may be given.
  • TVUUC and its employees and officers are not responsible or liable for any loss or damages by reason of theft, fire or other causes.
  • Renter may only use the space and extras as identified in the rental agreement. Any last minute additions or changes will be accommodated if possible with additional costs as applicable.
  • Rooms may be re-assigned by the church if needed to accommodate church events. (Examples – Memorial Services, Family Promise, Auction, Rummage Sale)
    • Please check the church calendar or call the church office to confirm your event space. Every effort will be made to ensure the Renter’s needs are fully met. If a larger space is assigned, no additional charges will be levied.
  • Unless arrangement have been made for take-down and/or clean-up, the Renter is responsible for returning the space to its pre-use condition. This includes the arrangement of tables and chairs, the return of tables/chairs and other equipment to their storage areas and placement of all paper, trash, cups, etc. in the proper waste receptacles inside or outside the building.
    • If an event generates a large amount of trash the Renter will be responsible for disposing in the proper recycling bins located out side of the back Lobby Doors or the large Trash dumpster located at the end of the upper parking lot.
  • TVUUC is a “Green Sanctuary” and, as such, strives to be a “Zero Waste” facility.  Help us be responsible stewards.
  • Repair of any damage to the property (facility or equipment) attributed to Renter will be charged to the Renter. This includes wall damage resulting from tape, tacks, nails or other such items.
  • Additional terms and conditions apply to the use of the Sanctuary and the Kitchen. These are supplied separately and are included here by reference.
  • The Renter may not sub-let any of the rooms they have rented to any other person or entity.