1. APPALACHIAN COMMUNITY FUND  The Appalachian Community Fund was established by people in Central Appalachia (Eastern Kentucky, East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and all of West Virginia). ACF supports progressive social change (“Change Not Charity”) through strategic grantmaking and technical assistance for community organizing efforts, working with donors who are committed to social justice, and strengthening our region’s capacity and leadership for social change. ACF grants for community-based organizations working for social, economic, racial and environmental justice. Our work supports addressing root causes and systemic issues, and understanding forms of oppression, especially racism. Priority is on work that utilizes organizing and education to promote social change and we invite projects that are startup in nature. We encourage groups to work together, share information, educate their target audiences and broaden the movement for progressive social change.

2. BEARDSLEY COMMUNITY FARM “CAC Beardsley Community Farm is an urban non-profit community farm that promotes food security and sustainable agriculture. Since 1998, Beardsley Farm has worked to increase access to fresh produce in Knoxville’s food deserts through produce donations, educational programs, and community gardening. Every year, with the help of over 2,000 volunteers, we donate sustainably grown produce to local hunger-relief organizations and shelters. Beardsley Farm grows over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables on the farm and donates over 10,000 pounds of produce annually. Produce donations go to a variety of Knoxville kitchens and pantries, including Mobile Meals, KARM, Global Seeds, and the Family Crisis Center. Our farm grows produce without chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and features many examples of sustainable agriculture, including a compost system, honeybees, rainwater harvesting, a drip irrigation system, free-range chickens, and a fruit and berry orchard.

3. BECK CULTURAL CENTER The Beck Center is a significant resource in remembering Knoxville’s struggles over the years to pursue justice and uphold human dignity.

4. BRIDGE REFUGEE Bridge provides a variety of services to refugee families in the Knoxville area, before and after they arrive. (Refugee families are usually fleeing persecution or war, and they often arrive after many years in a refugee camp.) Bridge services include assistance in obtaining housing and employment, enrolling in school, learning English, and accessing support from other agencies and organizations. Some, but not all, families have a co-sponsor. (TVUUC has served as a co-sponsor for two Bridge families, and we are now involved in tutoring children in another family.) This nomination is to provide general financial assistance to Bridge, and not designated for any particular family. In spite of U.S. Government restrictions on admission of new refugees, Bridge is still assisting refugee families living in Knoxville. Possible reductions in financial assistance from government may affect Bridge’s ability to operate. Share the Plate funds will help to make Knoxville a more welcoming community, will assist those who have escaped their native countries due war or discrimination and will enable local families to become independent.

5. HIGHLANDER RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONAL CENTER TVUUC has a long history of cooperating with the Highlander Center in the work of grassroots social change on labor issues, civil rights, GLBTQ rights and environmental causes. Sharing the plate with Highlander would be a great way to show our commitment to systemic social change as in the slogan “Change not Charity.”

6. IJAMS NATURE CENTER Vision: Through direct experience with the outdoors all people will appreciate and care for the natural world. Mission: To encourage stewardship of the natural world by providing an urban greenspace for people to learn about and enjoy the outdoors through engaging experiences.

7. INTERFAITH HEALTH CLINIC “Our Values: Compassion, Care in a spirit of empathy, love and concern, Dignity Respect for every person with special concern for the underserved, Excellence High standards of quality, comprehensive health care, Integrity Honesty and justice in relationships, Stewardship Wise and just use of our collaborative talents and resources. The mission of the InterFaith Health Clinic is to provide accessible, affordable, quality health care to low-income, working uninsured and underserved individuals in our community, primarily through the support of the religious, health care and business communities. These services are provided within the capacity of the clinic, regardless of race, sex, creed, age, religion, national origin, or ability to pay.

8. KNOXVILLE GIRLS ROCK CAMP (New) Knoxville Girls Rock Camp believes that young women, transgender, and gender-nonconforming youth deserve the support and encouragement to participate fully in the field of music as a form of empowerment and expression. We believe in building confidence, encouraging artistic communication, forming community and providing emotional support for well-being. We believe creative expression and collaboration can empower them to work together to solve problems, communicate their unique ideas and viewpoints, and overcome social challenges they uniquely experience.

9. PLANNED PARENTHOOD of MIDDLE & EAST TN PPMET is a recognized and respected leader in providing reproductive, sexual and complementary health care and comprehensive sexuality education to women, men and teens regardless of race, age, income status, religion or sexual orientation. We believe that the self-determined pursuit of sexual health is important for everyone’s well-being and quality of life.

10. LONSDALE ENVIRONMENTAL CAMP at TREMONT – Supporting these inner-city kids to connect with nature relates directly to many of UU’s seven principles, especially helping them to understand and have respect for the interdependent web of all existence. Participating in this environmental camp also helps kids to accept and respect diversity, and to work together toward environmental and community benefits. The camp is a transforming experience and provides the kids with an environmental platform to grow their connection to nature.

11. RAM (REMOTE AREA MEDICAL) RAM’s free health clinics have enabled thousands to receive medical, vision and dental care, some for the first time, at no cost. It is a not-for-profit organization that has served people locally and globally for many years. It is completely supported by volunteer donations.

12. RESCUING HEALTH (NEW) Rescuing Health helps individuals gain access to health care procedures and treatments that are technologically available but are financially unavailable due to lack of adequate health care coverage and personal financial resources. The organization works to provide fundraising support for people across East Tennessee who may not otherwise be able to afford life saving surgeries and medically necessary treatments. They welcome all applicants regardless of the person’s need and without discrimination; thereby helping to transform healthcare in East Tennessee to be more equal and just.

13. SECOND HARVEST  Second Harvest buys, stores, packages and distributes food to a large number of local agencies. Second Harvest works with 520 partners in their 18 county service area to distribute food to the needy.

14. SEEDS OF ABRAHAM (New) Seeds of Abraham is an interfaith youth program in Knoxville, offering opportunities for middle and high school youth to engage in acts of service and fellowship with young people of many faith traditions. TVUUC youth have been engaged with Seeds from its inception, and the mission of Seeds of Abraham is “Planting seeds of respect and relationships amongst the youth of the Knoxville Community.” This is accomplished through our vision to be “Youth of all faiths fostering understanding, breaking bread, and building a better tomorrow.”

15. SEEED (Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development) SEEED prepares low-income young people for good-paying, sustainable jobs in Knoxville’s emerging green economy. TVUUC is involved with SEEED in promoting green jobs – green church program that is using SEEED apprentices to weatherize TVUUC members homes. This organization is truly life-changing for participants.

16. TENNESSEE HEALTHCARE CAMPAIGN A welcoming community should not create life and death obstacles in health for its people. There is a direct line from TVUUC’s mission to that of THCC: For nearly 30 years, THCC has stood in the forefront statewide for its mission to provide affordable accessible health care to all Tennesseans. The issues of the moment might change but that mission has driven our work at both the state and federal level. Today, we stand in defense of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) which remains extremely important to hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans. THCC defends TennCare and works to expand it to nearly 300,000 people, a majority are working families, who cannot afford the premiums without help. The ACA offers that help but the governor and legislature have made it an ideological football despite the fact that the subsidies are supported by the Federal Government. When Children’s Health Insurance (CHIP) is threatened, we need to speak out.

17. TN HOLISTIC WELLNESS (New) This organization helps provide care for a struggling family who needs help to recover. The organization also offers meditation classes for spiritual meditation, and holds annual retreats and events to foster spirituality in East Tennessee Using the mantra “Baba Nam Kevalam”. Tennessee Holistic Wellness spreads its message of love and hope for the hopeless in East Tennessee through active Seva, selfless service to people and families in need.