Egg Hunt Creatvice Challenge – Your Photos Needed!

TVUUC friends of all ages, I have a special Easter-themed Creative Challenge for you as this week’s RE Learning Lab project.
After our online service this Sunday, we’ll be offering a virtual Easter Egg Hunt. But I can’t get it ready all by myself. Between now and Wednesday, if you have access to Easter eggs at home (anything egg-shaped and colorful will do – a real dyed or colored egg, a plastic egg, or even a paper egg you’ve colored and cut out), please take a photo (or more than one) of 1-6 eggs hidden (but visible) in your space. I’ll use the photos I receive to create our from-home egg hunt for all who’d like to participate on Sunday.
Horizontal photos are ideal, as they’ll be put together in a montage video, but I can make use of any I get, so don’t hold back! Post photos as comments here, or email them to me at Please help me make this unusual Easter Sunday a little bit extra special for our littles (and bigs)! 🙂

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  1. This is a great photo, and an extra special golden egg, too! Thank you!

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