Endowment Funding Available for Special Projects

August 1, 2023 — Do you have a project or program, or an idea for a project or program that fulfills the mission and principles of TVUUC… that needs financial support… and that is unable to be supported by the church’s operating budget at this time?

If so, the TVUUC Endowment Fund Committee (EFC) wants you to be thinking about those ideas, thinking about the details of the project, thinking about which church committee the project will fall under, thinking about who will the the lead person to shepherd the project.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) will be issued on September 1, and proposals will be due back to the EFC on October 16.


Since 2016, the earnings from your Endowment Fund, with approval of the Board of Directors, have provided just over $80,000 for a wide variety of projects that were beyond the scope of the annual operating budget.

The Endowment Fund allocated up to $7,075 in 2023 and supported three projects: a community garden water system, worktables for the community garden and facilitator training for the Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality program.

The EFC may have up to $19,000 available for disbursement for projects in 2024.

(Monies available for disbursement are calculated by taking up to 4% of the Fund’s market value averaged over the ending balance of the previous 12 quarters. This policy is conservative enough to allow for the growth of the Fund over time.)

Who, What, When, How

All elements of TVUUC — individual members of the Congregation, informal groups of TVUUC members, formal church committees, and staff — are encouraged to submit ideas.

The EFC is interested not only in brick-and-mortar projects but also in programs,

including but not limited to programs that address racism and/or other social justice issues.

We look forward to your proposals!


Grier Novinger

for TVUUC Endowment Fund Committee

Maureen McBride, David Massey, Grier Novinger,

Joy Fels, Robby McMurry, Stephanie Seay, and Taylor Thomas