Call To Artists

The Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Gallery is planning exhibitions for February 2024
through the following 18 months. Artists living within 250 miles of Knoxville are encouraged to
submit proposals.


This premier not-for-profit gallery, located just west of The University of Tennessee, programs six  exhibitions per year, showcasing regional artists working in a wide variety of styles, media, and  genres. The gallery can only show work that is two-dimensional and ready to hang in a  professional manner. Work must be appropriate for audiences of all ages and will be decided on  by the art committee. The TVUUC Art Gallery Committee reserves the right to pair artists for  two-person exhibitions but will also consider artists for one-person exhibitions as well as group  shows by arts organizations. Exhibitions typically run for two months.  

To learn more about TVUUC, please visit our Web site:  

The nonrefundable entry fee for submitting a proposal is $30 per individual artist or $60 per  official organization. The gallery provides publicity (including show postcards) and hosts a  reception for the artist(s) whose work is selected.  

Individual artists have the option of submitting their work by email or physically delivering their  submission to TVUUC. Email submissions will be sent to: Kate McCullough at Artists will submit an online package to Kate or a flash drive (to  the church or to Kate with prior arrangement) with eight to ten images of the work (or type of  work) they wish to show, a one-paragraph bio with name, address, phone, email address, a  brief artist statement and an image list including title, size and media. Include payment  with proposal. If submitting by email, please send or deliver a check for $30 in payment to  TVUUC (See address below). If submitting a physical package with flash drive, please include  your $30 check in the package. JPG images are required, approximately 1MB in size, labeled  with title, size and artist’s name. Art must be original and created by the artist.

Organizations will submit everyone’s images and info in one group submission. Package will  include a flash drive with 2-3 representative images of each artist’s work, a one paragraph bio  with name, address, phone, email address, a brief artists statement and an image list  including title, size, and media per artist. 

Proposals must be received by Friday, November 17, 2023. 

Art Gallery Committee 

Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church 

P.O. Box 11763

Knoxville, TN 37939

Artists will be notified by January 12th, 2024 

For further information please e-mail  

Application as follows:

TVUUC Art Gallery Application Form DUE November 17, 2023 

To be submitted with other required materials described in call to artists. Name_____________________________________ 

Address_________________________________________________________________ Phone______________________email________________________________________ Artist’s statement:  

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 

Include a $30 check payable to TVUUC with the notation “Art Committee” and your  name plus 8 to 10 JPEG images of your work with titles, size and artist’s name. See Call  to artists for complete details 

List with title, size and medium of images submitted: 

Title Size Media 1_______________________________________________________________________ 2_______________________________________________________________________ 3_______________________________________________________________________ 4_______________________________________________________________________ 5_______________________________________________________________________ 6_______________________________________________________________________ 7_______________________________________________________________________ 8_______________________________________________________________________

9_______________________________________________________________________ 10______________________________________________________________________