Welcome to the TVUUC 2021 Online Auction!
To donate or view donated items go to the auction website (linked here).

We are following the CDC’s COVID–19 advice and having the auction all online again this year. So put your thinking caps on and see what you can offer to support the church!

The TVUUC auction is a very important fundraising event for the church (and always a fun party), but it is also a great way to bring people together! We are all missing time with each other, so unlike last year, we are including offerings of our regular in-person dinners, though these dinner offerings come with a few safety caveats. In-person dinners and events will need to be limited in several ways:

  • All people hosting or buying an In-person Dinner must be fully vaccinated
  • For those hosting or buying an in-person Party, Event or Performance, vaccination is required for all who are eligible; the same requirement applies for in-person group Lessons and Workshops
  • All Parties, Events and Performances need to take place outside. They should be scheduled when the weather will be acceptable for outdoor activities.
  • All hosts must follow the CDC Guidelines at the time of their dinner or event,
  • Dinners and other group events need to be kept to 10 people max including the hosts
  • Outdoor dinners are encouraged

Last year’s successful new category, Dinners Delivered to the winning bidder(s) will continue to be offered as they were last year.

This year, we will open auction bidding for four days, December 1, 2, 3 and 4. People who log on soon after the opening (6:00 PM Dec. 1) will have the best chance of buying the fixed price item of their choice! Although the bidding is all on-line, we will once again have a Zoom Auction Party on the last afternoon (Saturday, December 4, 4-6 PM). Please plan to Zoom in for the fun and fundraising. There will still be time for bidding afterwards before the 8 PM close that evening.

The donation time period is from September 13–November 7 so please enter your donations as soon as possible. A good photo of any physical item you offer needs to be posted with the description of your donation. If you have a problem photographing your item or uploading your photo to the website contact Diane Fox.

Paddle numbers are used for bidding, and are optional for donations. If there isn’t one listed in your profile after you log on, just contact Linda Randolph to have one assigned.

We can also use some volunteers to help both before and after the Auction. If you are interested in volunteering contact Diane Fox.

If you have further questions, email the auction committee or Diane Fox. Consider offerings you may have for the following categories:

A Bit of Culture

Arts & Crafts


Dinners (In Person)

Dinners Delivered

For the Kids

Goodies to Eat

Health & Wellness

Home & Garden

Jewelry & Apparel

Lessons & Workshops

Parties, Performances & Events


Travel & Lodging

Have fun!