A Dinner Delivered is a full meal (dinner, lunch, or similar meal) which will be delivered to the buyer(s) on a given day. The dinner should be delivered to buyers within 15 miles of the church, or to the church parking lot. (Note detailed delivery instructions below.)

Each “Dinners Delivered” donation will be described so that you know, as a bidder, what you will be receiving, for instance

*soup (specified), salad, and bread, or perhaps

*appetizer, stew (specified), side and dessert, or perhaps

*appetizer, main course (specified) with 2 sides and dessert.

Alcohol or a specified beverage may also be included with the dinner menu at donor’s discretion.

Donor will also state in the description how many servings are provided in the dinner.

Bidding Instructions

Read the General Bidding Instructions as well as the description of the dinner. Although the quantity (Qty) will be stated as 1, the description will state how many servings are provided for your bid. Read the description carefully and remember that your bid is not per person (or per single serving) but is for the total number of servings stated.

After the Auction

The Donor should contact you before the date of the dinner to arrange for delivery. Your meal will include instructions regarding heating, etc, and may be delivered in an oven-proof  container. Items such as rice or pasta may be delivered dry for the buyer to cook with instructions.

Refrigerated items should remain cold throughout the process of delivery.

To find out who donated your item:

  1. Log into the Auction website.
  2. Go to the My Statement Screen
  3. Scroll down to Items Purchased. The Donor’s name will be listed with a phone number. Click on Donor’s name to send an e-mail.
  4. If you need help finding the names of the Donor, contact the Auction Committee.