In this year of social distancing, Parties, Performances and Events will resume, but with a few caveats.

IMPORTANT: In-Person Parties, Performances and Events will need to be limited in several ways

Events to be held indoors:

  • All Participants, including hosts, must be fully vaccinated
  • Gatherings are limited to small groups (defined as ten or fewer persons, including hosts)
  • Events should follow CDC guidelines at in effect at the time of the event

Events to be held outdoors:

  • All participants, including hosts must be fully vaccinated, if eligible for vaccination at the time of the event
  • Events should follow CDC guidelines in effect the time of the event

Some of these may also take place on Zoom!  It is best if you have access to a computer/device with a camera and a microphone to bid on these items. Zoom events can also be accessed by telephone, but this might not allow for visual contact.

The description of the event will explain whether you will be participating yourself (in a game, lesson etc.) or just enjoying a performance or talk by the hosts(s).

Bidding Instructions

Read the General Bidding Instructions paying close attention to the instructions for any donations that allow more than one buyer.

Note that one bid buys a place for one person (just as it does in our traditional auctions.) If you have two people who want to attend together list 2 next to Qty. The price you bid will be for each person. So if you write Qty 2 and Bid price $10, you will be charged $20.

IMPORTANT:  If you bid a quantity of more than one, but there is not enough space in the event for that many (at the price you bid), your bid will not be accepted at all. You may then go back and try bidding for fewer people or bid a higher price. Due to the idiosyncrasies of online bidding, it is possible for you to lose your spot, but you may get it back again later without bidding again. So check the item again close to the end of the auction.  If you see a bid listed for You, then your bid is still valid.  (See more clarification about this in the General Bidding Instructions.)

After the auction:

Watch for an e-mail sent by your host and save it where you can find it easily. You may also want to put the Zoom link into your calendar if it is a Zoom event. At the time of the event, click on the Zoom ID given in the email. If you have not used Zoom before, Zoom will give you instructions for downloading the program on your computer. You may also want to download Zoom before the event.

To find out who donated your item:

  1. Log into the Auction website.
  2. Scroll down to Items Purchased. The Donor’s name will be listed with a phone number. Click on Donor’s name to send an e-mail.
  3. If you need help finding the name of the donor, contact the Auction Committee.