A Dinner is a full meal (dinner, lunch, or similar meal) which will take place at the host’s home (preferably outside). Each bid is for one seat at the Donor’s table.    Note that there is a separate category for Dinners Delivered.

IMPORTANT: In-person dinners will need to be limited in several ways.

  • All people hosting or buying a Dinner need to be fully vaccinated,
  • All Donors must follow the CDC Guidelines at the time of their dinner or event,
  • Dinners need to be kept to 10 people max including the hosts,
  • Outdoor dinners are encouraged. We advise all Donors to schedule Dinners to either take place in an outdoor space or to be able to switch to the outdoors in case the CDC guidelines say it is not safe for vaccinated people to be inside unmasked. For this reason it would be best if they are scheduled for months when the weather will be acceptable for outdoor activities (April-October).

Entering a Donation

  1. Go to the Donation Page as described in the General Instructions. Under category, choose Dinners.
  2. Enter the title and description of your dinner.
  3. Under Qty put the number of seats you will provide for you dinner. Remember the highest number offered should be 8 (if there are two hosts) or 9 (if there is one host).
  4. Add the date and time of your dinner

Each Dinner donation should be described so that the Bidder will know what you will be serving, for instance

*soup (specified), salad, and bread, or perhaps

*appetizer, stew (specified), side and dessert, or perhaps

*appetizer, main course (specified) with 2 sides and dessert.

Please provide as complete a description of your dinner offering as you can, to entice bidding. You may not know what type of salad or sides you are providing, but you should at least be able to tempt the bidder with a good description of the main entree! Please note what, if any, type of alcohol will be included. The more detailed the description, the clearer the bidder will be about what they are buying. A photo is not required. Many Dinners are based on a theme, such as Mexican Dinner, Thanksgiving in May, etc.

Please read the General Donor Instructions before entering your Dinner offering.

After the Auction

Donor should contact the winning bidders before the date of the dinner as a reminder.

To find out who purchased your item:

  1. Log into the Auction website at http://togetherauction.com/tvuuc .
  2. Go to the My Statement Screen
  3. Scroll down to Items Donated. The Donor’s name will be listed with a phone number. Click on Donor’s name to send an e-mail.
  4. If you need help finding the names of the winning Bidders, contact the Auction Committee.