In this year of social distancing, in person Parties, Performances and Events will resume, but with a few caveats.

IMPORTANT: In-Person Parties, Performances and Events will need to be limited in several ways;

Events to be held indoors:

  • All Participants, including hosts, must be fully vaccinated
  • Gatherings are limited to small groups (defined as ten or fewer persons, including hosts)
  • Events should follow CDC guidelines at in effect at the time of the event

Events to be held outdoors:

  • All participants, including hosts must be fully vaccinated, if eligible for vaccination at the time of the event
  • Events should follow CDC guidelines in effect the time of the event

If not comfortable being socially distanced, this is your opportunity to be creative and envision a party or event on Zoom! You must have a computer, and minimal experience with hosting a Zoom meeting. (Try it once or twice to practice). If you do not have a paid Zoom account, contact TVUUC to arrange for the use of a church account.  (Free Zoom accounts are limited to forty minutes – probably too short for a party).

Buyers must also have access to a computer/device with a camera and a microphone. (Zoom events can also be accessed by telephone, but this might not allow for visual contact).

The description of the event needs to explain whether this is an in person or Zoom event and whether the winning bidders will be participating themselves (in a game, lesson etc.) or just enjoying a performance or talk by the hosts(s).

Then start dreaming of fun things for a group. Put on a musical performance? Have a debate?  Take turns singing favorite songs?  Teach a craft? Play Charades or Scattergories? Use your imagination! If needed, and the event is on Zoom you could send supplies before the event.

If you are donating a Party, Performance, or Event:

Go to the Donation Page as described in the General Instructions. Under category, choose Parties, Performances, and Events.

Please provide a complete description of the event you are organizing. (A photo is not needed.)

If on Zoom, remind bidders that they will need to log onto Zoom on a computer or similar device though the link you send them.

In the space marked Qty, indicate how many people you are prepared to host. If in person this needs to be limited to 10 including hosts. (If two hosts, list quantity as 8.  If one host, list quantity as 9)  For on-line events, the nature of the event will determine the number you want to accommodate. If on Zoom and the buyers will simply be watching and listening (or dancing!), you can probably take a larger number.  But if the event calls for participation by everyone, remember that it is hard to see and hear on Zoom if too many people are talking.

Enter prices for Est Value (estimated value) and Min Bid (minimum bid). The estimated value should be equal to or more than the minimum bid.  Remember: You also have the option of checking Fixed Price.  In this case, every bidder will pay the same price and when the number of buyers listed under Qty is reached, the event is filled and no one else can bid.

Be sure to add the Day, Date & Time of the event.

After the auction:

Donors:  If this is a Zoom event, we suggest you create an e-mail group with everyone’s addresses. Arrange to get a Zoom event ID Number (See comments above). Set up the meeting as a closed meeting so that you can control access. You will need to admit each person as s/he logs in. A week before the event, send an e-mail to the group with the Zoom link. It might be good to send a reminder also the day before the event.

Note:  Although Zoom events can be accessed by telephone, it is best if the buyers have a computer or other device with a camera and microphone.

To find out who purchased your item:

  1. Log into the Auction website.
  2. Go to the My Statement Screen
  3. Scroll down to Items Donated. The buyer’s name will be listed with a phone number. Click on Buyer’s name to send an e-mail.
  4. If you need help finding the names of the donors, contact the Auction Committee.