Photography Hints for Auction Donations

TVUUC Auction

When all bidding is done on-line, bidders want to be able to a picture of an item they are bidding on. Items without a picture are unlikely to sell.  We ask that you add a photograph to your donation on the TogetherAuction website.   Photos are not necessary for auction donations that are not physical objects (such as dinners or workshops).  They are also not required for “Goodies to Eat” as we realize the cake has probably not been baked yet!   But if you happen to have a picture taken previously, feel free to add it!

How to Post a Photo:

First take a picture of your item and save it on your computer.

See General Donor Instructions for information about getting into the On-line Auction website and the Donation Page. Under the box for the Catalog Description, you will see Image File.  Click on browse.   This will take you to your computer files.  Click on your photo, and it will upload to the Auction website.

If you have questions about this process, contact the Auction Committee.

Suggestions for Taking Pictures:

Please frame the item closely but make sure to include the whole piece in the photo. Photographing the item next to a ruler may be helpful.  The photographs are very small on the website, so including less of the area around object will make it larger and more easily seen in the frame.  The image comes in as a square in the web software regardless of the shape of your photo. It is distorted to fit into a square. If possible, please photograph or crop your photograph into a square shape before entering. If this will not work for what you are selling, just shoot it as well as you can and enter it into the website. Though it will be distorted in the online catalogue image, it will be shown in its entirety if it is clicked on. Try to place your item on a neutral background (white, black or gray) so the object can be clearly seen. Make sure to photograph in good light.   Natural light is best. If you need help photographing contact Diane Fox.

Sample Pictures: