Helping Hands: Personal Edition

Welcome to this week’s at-home TVUUC RE Helping Hands project!

Last week we invited you to create messages of appreciation for postal and delivery workers who are on the job and keeping our community connected and supplied with mail and deliveries.  This week, let’s get a little more personal.

From now until next Wednesday, we invite you to put your hands and hearts to work for our UU values by noticing the people in your life who are helping you – perhaps people in your household, or perhaps friends and family who are helping you feel less isolated by staying connected from afar or bringing needed supplies.  If you’re sharing your living space with others, write a message (or draw a picture) for each person this week, calling attention to at least one specific thing you see that they’re doing that is kind and helpful, and put it up somewhere you know they’ll see it.  (Bathroom mirrors work well for this purpose.)  If you’re living alone, create a similar message but take a photo and send it, put it in the mail, or share it verbally.  The important thing is to let the people you are close to know that you see them, and notice what they’re doing for you.

Some of these messages may be private.  That’s fine!  If you feel good about sharing your appreciations more widely, though, post photos of them in the comments!