Helping Hands: Postal Edition

Welcome to our first at-home TVUUC RE Helping Hands project!

I was inspired yesterday by a post shared by one of our TVUUC families, and they gave me permission to share their idea with you for this week’s Helping Hands invitation.

Lily and Charlie, with their mom Jessica’s support, created a sign to post on their door at home to express appreciation and offer supplies for postal workers who are on the job and keeping our community supplied with mail and deliveries.



This week, we invite you to put your hands and hearts to work for our UU values by making your own sign of love and appreciation to post where postal and delivery workers will see them.  It’s up to each family whether you have some gifts of supplies you’d like to offer – if you do, make sure to sanitize and touch only with just-cleaned hands or gloves.  Most of all, though, we just LOVE the idea of sending some love specifically for the people who are offering what is now many people’s only direct connection with the outside world, in the form of mail and package deliveries.

Share your signs with us by commenting with a photo!