Helping Hands: Postcard Edition

This week’s Helping Hands project comes to us from TVUUC RE leader Karen White!

Social distancing and isolation can be hard for some of our friends and loved ones. Let’s get to work letting those we can’t see in person these days know that they are loved! Make your loved ones smile by letting them know you are thinking about them and that they are not really alone. Writing is different than sending a text or calling – it creates something tangible and lasting, that loved ones can hold in their hands and can keep in a visible place for continuing reminders of our caring.  Materials you will need are blank note cards, postcards, or even blank index cards that you can illustrate with your own artwork after writing your message. Use whatever materials you have on hand to create a beautiful work of postal art, and write (or have someone help write) a message of caring to send.  Then all you need is a stamp and the address!

Who can you think of who could use an extra bit of cheer in the mail this week?