Inner Strength Made Visible

Hello, TVUUC friends.  We miss seeing you in person, but are so glad to have ways to stay connected even when we are physically distant!

Is anyone feeling a bit confused about how different life is today than it was just a couple of weeks ago?  Things have changed a lot, and they have changed FAST.  And we’re all learning as we go.  We’re learning how to live mostly from home, so we can help keep our community as safe as we can.  We’re learning how to be around our family members ALL THE TIME, or learning how to be alone all the time.  We might be learning how to use new technologies to stay connected and to learn and to keep ourselves occupied.  I suspect many of us are learning how to live, every moment of every day, with worry and deep concern about the health and safety of our families and our communities.  And we may be learning, too, how to slow down, how to appreciate being at home, and how to find calm and reassurance in this time of struggle.

We are finding that now is a time when we are being called upon to be strong and brave.  And so this week’s TVUUC RE Learning Lab Creative Challenge is:

Spend some time this week using materials you have at home to make a costume for yourself that helps you feel strong and brave.  Whether it’s a cardboard robot, a caped super hero, a ferocious animal, something you can wear or something you draw and tape on, we want to see a visual representation of your inner strength.  Share photos with us in the comments, and join us for next week’s RE Family Check-In on Monday, March 30 from 2-2:45 pm to show them off in real time!