Creative Challenge: Story Lab!

Today in our RE Family Check-In, we found simple silly costume elements at home to create a cast of characters, and then we wrote a story together about our characters.

TVUUC friends of all ages, our Learning Lab Creative Challenge for this week is to create … read more.

TVUUC Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Keep the fun of Easter going – whether you missed our Virtual Egg Hunt, or want to watch it all over again and try out additional challenges, here it is!



How many eggs did you find?

Helping Hands: Postcard Edition

This week’s Helping Hands project comes to us from TVUUC RE leader Karen White!

Social distancing and isolation can be hard for some of our friends and loved ones. Let’s get to work letting those we can’t see in person these days know that they are … read more.

Helping Hands: Personal Edition

Welcome to this week’s at-home TVUUC RE Helping Hands project!

Last week we invited you to create messages of appreciation for postal and delivery workers who are on the job and keeping our community connected and supplied with mail and deliveries.  This week, let’s get a … read more.

Beautiful Junk

Hello, TVUUC friends. Are you ready for our RE Learning Lab Creative Challenge for this week?  ALL of our TVUUC friends – children, youth, young adults, parents, non-parenting adults, elders – are invited to take part!

In this time of staying put as much as we … read more.

Helping Hands: Postal Edition

Welcome to our first at-home TVUUC RE Helping Hands project!

I was inspired yesterday by a post shared by one of our TVUUC families, and they gave me permission to share their idea with you for this week’s Helping Hands invitation.

Lily and Charlie, with their mom … read more.