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Support TVUUC By Shopping With RaiseRight:


Many of you have supported the church for years through the RaiseRight (formerly ShopWithScript) program by purchasing cards from Eunice and Dee at the Sunday gift card table. Thank you, and please continue. However, now RaiseRight gives you a way to increase your support by buying your cards directly via your smartphone or computer. These can be physical cards that get mailed to you or someone else as gifts, but they can also be super convenient electronic cards (e-cards). The e-cards are available 24/7, load directly onto the RaiseRight “Wallet” on your smartphone, and are ready to use in a matter of seconds. You can raise funds for TVUUC by making everyday purchases as well as gift purchases with these cards. It costs you nothing, but gives an often substantial rebate directly to the church. With 700+ national brands available, the rebates add up; with your help, the RaiseRight program can have a significant impact on our church budget.

It’s easy, and you choose the method that’s best for you.

The RaiseRight program is behind all these methods and provides rebates to TVUUC:

  • The Gift Card Table: Eunice, Dee, and their crew will continue selling physical cards for cash or checks on Sundays.
  • The Church Office: You can also stop in at the church to buy physical cards from Michael or Claudia during the week.
  • The RaiseRight app: You can create your personal account at RaiseRight as described below. Then you have hundreds of popular brands to choose from right there on your smartphone or home computer. You can buy physical cards that get mailed to you or to someone else as a gift or you can buy e-cards that reside in a wallet on your smartphone for direct use in a store or online. Rebates to TVUUC can run from 1% to over 20% depending on the merchant, and there are even special limited time offers that increase the rebate amount further for selected cards.

If you can get into the habit of using RaiseRight for your routine purchases, you can help raise thousands of dollars for the TVUUC budget, and it costs you nothing. And when it comes to special occasions, there’s no easier way to send that gift or thank you card to friends and family.

Here’s how to set up your online account:

  1. Download the RaiseRight from the App Store or Google Play and press Join a Program or go to com and seect Sign Up and then Join a Program.
  2. Be sure to use the TVUUC Enrollment code, which you can obtain by writing to Claudia (claudiapressley AT or Michael (michaelmiller AT
  3. Enter all of the requested personal information and accept terms of use.
  4. Set up a payment method. It is straightforward to link credit cards or personal checking accounts so that payments are easy and fast. To keep costs down, RaiseRight charges a 2.6% convenience fee to pay with a credit card, but this does not impact the face value of the card or the amount of the rebate that goes to TVUUC. Linking directly to a bank checking account is easy, safe, and each transaction involves a very small convenience fee.
  5. Start shopping! Start fundraising for TVUUC!