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The Youngest Elders

A friend invited me to the church in the 1990’s for a forum that featured the Democratic and Republican candidates for Congress at the time. I remember being more impressed with the questions from church members than I was with either candidate. I was a … read more.

Pam Brown

“When I was making my decision to move back to Knoxville from California, I thought about this Unitarian Universalist church and the congregation whom I knew from years past.”

Beauvais Lyons

“Having been a former stewardship campaign chair as well as a board member, I have been inspired by the generous level of donations that many of you bring to funding the work of our church community. ”

Anne Whitney

“Here, many paths to the divine are honored and women are seen as equals. I have met people from different races, religious traditions, sexual orientations, and have been enriched by our diverse congregation.”

Jen Hamilton

“Why do I love TVUUC? It is one of the few places where I truly feel “myself,” accepted as I am, without judgment”

Mark Mohundro

“I ended up having a transplant, but there were some complications and I nearly died. I got cards from this congregation that meant so much to me during that time. As I was recovering in the ICU, one thing I vowed to do when I … read more.

Judy Gibson

“When Gordon retired and we first considered moving south eight years ago, we knew that we wanted to be part of a Unitarian Universalist community. We sampled neighborhoods and looked at homes, but we also visited UU churches before we chose where to live. … read more.

Roddy Biggs

“My whole life I have longed for a sense of greater belonging and self-validation in my ever-changing identity, and have found that here at TVUUC!”

Julie Haden

“Although a year might go by and I haven’t attended church, TVUUC is always there – open arms and without judgment. That’s what family is all about in my book!”

Corinne Smith

This Church allows me to be exactly who I am. I feel Loved & supported. I am part of a Beloved Community that believes in the power of Love and Helping one another, of facing down racism, demanding justice for those who are marginalized & … read more.