TVUUC Joins Justice Knox

TVUUC Joins Justice Knox
Our church is now a partner in Justice Knox, an interfaith group of Knoxville churches and
organizations that is dedicated to uncovering injustice and mobilizing to
create just, fair and effective solutions.
Since 2017, Justice Knox works annually to understand problems facing the
Knoxville community through person-to-person conversation, and to grow
those conversations into prioritized, research-based action items. These
action items are targeted and have a real impact on the lives of unheard or
underserved community members. To review study and action items in the
past five years, see or Justice Knox FaceBook page.
The new year begins this fall with House Meetings offered by each
member group. TVUUC has scheduled four between Sept. 24 and Oct. 20
where attendees can listen, share and discuss the current local issues
most important to them. TVUUC members are hosting these meetings,
and will be inviting 11-15 people to meet together for these discussions.
If you have questions or might be interested in attending a House meeting,
contact John Bohstedt via phone or text at 865-210-8345.