TVUUC’s Updated Covid-19 Policies and Letter from the Board President

Beloved Congregation,

I am writing to update you on TVUUC’s COVID-19 policies. In August, the Board accepted the Covid Task Force’s recommendation to postpone reopening for in-person worship. Since that decision was made, the CTF has been working tirelessly to craft a framework to guide staff through the next phases of the pandemic. Last Tuesday, the CTF presented their recommendations to the Board and the policy has been approved. I know that we’re all eager to resume gathering together in-person and I am hopeful this will allow us to move towards that day in a safe and responsible manner.

Knox County is currently at a VERY HIGH risk level after previously being at the SEVERE risk level for the prior 25 days. At these levels, small groups can apply for use of the church for both indoor and outdoor meetings with specific protocols in place. If you have a small group that would like to meet, please email  for an application.

The Covid Task Force’s work has been extraordinary: keeping abreast with local COVID-19 metrics, staying up to date with shifting public policy, and following guidance from trusted health authorities. Their recommendations are intentionally grounded in science and public health policy. The Board has the added responsibility of weighing these recommendations alongside feedback from members and staff. In the spirit of moving the discussion forward together, the Board is publishing the results of the In-Person Worship Survey. We had an amazing response, and we are so grateful that so many people took the time to make their voices heard. Between this survey and the letters, calls, and texts received by the board, we have heard so many opinions and ideas on ways to move forward. We are very encouraged that our congregant’s surveyed risk levels are so in sync with the reopening plans.

The Board has continuously sought to listen to the feedback of the congregation as we have crafted policy and I hope that everyone has felt heard during these trying times. I know this has been a painful process, but we will continue to engage as we all move forward together.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Board of Directors () or the Covid Task Force (.

 Please follow the links below to view the reopening plan and the survey results.

Ryan McBee

TVUUC Board President