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The Coat of Many Colors

Jacob loved Joseph, the son of his old age. To show his love, Jacob made Joseph a coat of many colors. Yet, the coat of many colors came at a great price to Joseph. In life great things often come at a great price. Indeed, there is a price to wearing a coat with many colors, we must wear it anyway.

Reverend Reneé Kesler is a native of Knoxville, Tennessee, a Licensed Ordained Associate Minister at Mount Calvary Baptist Church and President of the Beck Cultural Exchange Center (Beck). Reverend Kesler, reared at Wilder Baptist Church under the late Reverend Burgess Sammon, has been an active member of Mount Calvary Baptist Church for nearly thirty years under the Pastoral Leadership of Reverend Leroy Franklin. As an active member, Kesler serves in various capacities including: In Thy Word Ministry, Due Praise Dance Ministry, Audio/Video Ministry, Sunday School Teacher, Christian Family Fellowship Teacher, Superintendent of Vacation Bible School and ongoing Minister’s Training and Educational classes. Reverend Kesler is currently the President of the Beck Cultural Exchange Center (Beck). Beck was established in 1975 as a primary repository of black history and culture in East Tennessee and remains “The Place Where African American History & Culture are Preserved, Nurtured, Taught, & Continued.” Absent of Beck, there is no single organization in the region providing this invaluable service.

Kesler is married to Christopher of Augusta, Georgia, a Math Teacher at West High School and Young Men’s Head Varsity Basketball Coach. Together they have two daughters; Crystal Kesler, Esq., a licensed attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, and Sydney Kesler, a recent graduate of the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee.