“They were willing to put their money and their time and effort forward to support leadership development within our faith. They treated me with the utmost respect and partnership as I felt part of the professional team rather than “just an intern”. They are forever in my heart as I would not be where I am without them.”

– Liz Roper


This Church allows me to be exactly who I am. I feel Loved & supported. I am part of a Beloved Community that believes in the power of Love and Helping one another, of facing down racism, demanding justice for those who are marginalized & honoring those who have come before us. This is my Spiritual Home. Thank You for Sharing it with Me!

– Corinne Smith


“Although a year might go by and I haven’t attended church, TVUUC is always there – open arms and without judgment. That’s what family is all about in my book!”

– Julie Haden


“My whole life I have longed for a sense of greater belonging and self-validation in my ever-changing identity, and have found that here at TVUUC!”

– Roddy Biggs


“When Gordon retired and we first considered moving south eight years ago, we knew that we wanted to be part of a Unitarian Universalist community.  We sampled neighborhoods and looked at homes, but we also visited UU churches before we chose where to live.  Chris Buice and the Tennessee Valley UU Church extended a warm welcome!”

– Judy Gibson


“I ended up having a transplant, but there were some complications and I nearly died. I got cards from this congregation that meant so much to me during that time. As I was recovering in the ICU, one thing I vowed to do when I was well enough was to spend more time at TVUUC.”

– Mark Mohundro


“Why do I love TVUUC?  It is one of the few places where I truly feel “myself,” accepted as I am, without judgment”

– Jen Hamilton


“Here, many paths to the divine are honored and women are seen as equals. I have met people from different races, religious traditions, sexual orientations, and have been enriched by our diverse congregation.”

– Anne Whitney


“Having been a former stewardship campaign chair as well as a board member, I have been inspired by the generous level of donations that many of you bring to funding the work of our church community. ”

– Beauvais Lyons


“When I was making my decision to move back to Knoxville from California, I thought about this Unitarian Universalist church and the congregation whom I knew from years past.”

– Pam Brown