No More Mister Nice Guy

Is there a place in the world for nice guys anymore? Or nice gals or nice non-binary people? Former Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has written a book called Faithful Presence that is in part about the coarsening of American politics. His rightwing critics dismiss … read more.

Outdoor Animal Blessing

We will have an animal blessing outdoors this Sunday October 10 at 2:00 near the labyrinth. You are invited to bring your companion animal for a blessing and stay to socialize afterwards with your church friends. Facemask and other pandemic mitigation practices will be in … read more.

Circling Vultures (and the Circle of Life)

If you climb to the top of House Mountain and sit on a rock outcrop overlooking the Tennessee Valley with the Cumberland Mountains in the distance you might have a spiritual epiphany. This Sunday we will explore how watching circling vultures can deepen our appreciation … read more.