Universal-ish-In-Person and Virtual Worship

Universalism has evolved over time, continually expanding to include more love for more people. We can learn a lot about our own Universalism by exploring stories from spiritual ancestors like Hosea Ballou, John Murray, and Joseph Jordan. Join Rev. Lóre Stevens, recent graduate of Harvard Divinity School and new minister of Foothills Fellowship in Maryville, […]

Looking for the Sacred in the Secular City-In-Person and Virtual Worship

Some religions make a firm distinction between the sacred and the secular, all that is holy and all that is worldly. In the Unitarian Universalist church we believe the line can grow blurry and even disappear. This Sunday we explore how to look for the divine in the human, the sacred in the ordinary and the eternal […]

Banned Book Sunday-In-Person and Virtual Worship

All across the country there are efforts to ban books from schools and public libraries. When we started the Children’s Diversity and Justice Library (CDJL) we did not foresee the emergence of this trend. Nevertheless, we are positioned well to address this moment in history by making available many of the titles that are being […]

Protest Songs: An Alternative to Doom Scrolling-In-Person and Virtual Worship

Do you have a tendency to compulsively scroll through the most depressing content on social media? We’ve all been there before. This Sunday we will explore alternatives to doom scrolling so that where there is hopelessness we can bring hope. (You can watch our worship service streamed at 11 am on our Facebook page https://tinyurl.com/yfx9pnx6, or […]