Did the Buddha Have a Blooper Reel?

Did the Buddha Have Blooper Clips?  – Rev. Chris Buice and the TVUUC Staff

What better way to celebrate over a year of on-line worship than to share some amusing bloopers and outtakes from past services paired with a serious meditation and the need for … read more.

The Story We’ll Tell

To be human is to tell stories; narrative is how we make sense of the world, and the stories we create help us understand as well as shape reality. As we near the end of our church year and the school year, what is the … read more.

Religion, Reverence and Respect

The president often ends speeches by saying, “May God Bless America and may God protect our troops.” Following Memorial Day Weekend we will reflect on the common practice of merging religion with militarism and nationalism. People who believe in God are often on both sides … read more.