Little Free Pantry

an act of Love and Justice

Little Free Pantries address food insecurity in neighborhoods. Thousands of little pantries are located in neighborhoods around the world. The pantries are stocked with food and other items – free for both residents and homeless people in their neighborhoods.

TVUUC sits in the middle of a USDA designated Food Desert neighborhood, one of 19 in Knox County. In 2020, Jametta Alston began an outdoor food ministry program on the church grounds. The program evolved and in early April 2021, Dick Trowbridge and members of Greg’s Group built and installed the TVUUC Little Free Pantry.

Located near the Welcome Garden, members and friends of the church keep the pantry stocked with non-perishable food and personal hygiene products. It’s easy to donate items – just stop at the pantry and add your donation to the shelves. Please refer to the list of appropriate items.

Monetary donations are also accepted … > giving > give today > Outdoor Food Pantry

What should I Give?