Church Endowment

The TVUUC Endowment Fund builds a solid financial foundation for the future of the Congregation and, at the same time, supports special projects or programs each year.

The Congregation launched the Fund in 1994 to secure the financial stability of the church and “to ensure that Unitarian Universalist principles are lifted up and applied in the Knoxville region in perpetuity.”

Unlike monies raised during the Church’s annual stewardship campaign, your contributions to the Endowment Fund are not spent on operating expenses. Instead, they are invested permanently.

Like any long-term investment, the Fund grows, in part, because monies are invested in stocks, bonds and other securities that appreciate over time. However, much of the growth occurs because TVUUC members and friends are actively supporting the Fund through their donations and in bequests in their Wills.

Each year, the seven-member Endowment Fund Committee, which is elected by the Congregation, distributes a small percentage of the total investment to support special projects and programs that are beyond the reach of the annual operating budget. See photos and descriptions of projects made possible by the Endowment Fund.

Many people giving small gifts routinely over time can build a large legacy. As TVUUC member Marion Von Beck notes, “Every little bit helps, and many little bits add up to a lot.”

See a list of TVUUC members and friends who have helped build the Endowment Fund.

 See this page to learn:

  • How to give,
  • How to target your gift, and
  • How to honor or memorialize a person or a cause you cherish.

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Contact Us 

If you have any questions about the Endowment Fund — or suggestions for the Endowment Fund Committee — please email us at EndowTVUUC(AT) or call David Massey at 865-621-8352.