Per the CDC, Knox County’s current risk level is now medium. At this level, masks are required in all indoor spaces at TVUUC for those ages 2+, and there will be no congregational singing during services and no food or drink served inside the building. During Sunday services, the Lizzie Crozier French room will be available as a designated viewing space for those who would prefer to be in a smaller group. Room A will also be available for families with children who prefer an area where children may play during the service. You may also watch our services online. To view our full COVID-19 policy, please visit

Applications for groups and rentals who wish to use the church building and/or grounds have been updated. Please fill out the Facility Use Agreement and email to Claudia Pressley. Once submitted, please allow 2 business days (48hrs) for a response. Office business days are Monday -Thursday.

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Announcing the 2022 Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church Stewardship Campaign

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  • All ages are invited to our live-streaming TVUUC Sunday service, via Facebook (which can be accessed whether or not you have a Facebook account) or on YouTube.

The church office will be open from 10-4 on Mondays and 10-3 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You are also welcome to come by and enjoy the artwork hanging in the gallery. The rest of the building, unless stated otherwise, will still be closed off to the public.

The Sunday service is available at 11am on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Consent: Let’s Talk About It In-Person and Virtual Worship Service-Rev. Chris Buice

What can the Protestant Reformation teach us about consent as it applies to both spirituality and sexuality? Surprisingly a whole lot!  One of the great gifts we offer our children at TVUUC is comprehensive sexuality education through the Our Whole Lives program where they learn … read more.

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“My whole life I have longed for a sense of greater belonging and self-validation in my ever-changing identity, and have found that here at TVUUC!”