All who regularly participate in our Religious Exploration (RE) programs for children and youth (children of members, or visitors after attending 3 times) must be registered annually, to ensure we have up-to-date information about your child and your family that will help us stay in touch with you and make the RE experience as safe, welcoming and meaningful as possible for your child. We also use the information to keep you informed of special events your children may participate in and to accurately plan for the year ahead. We rely on timely, accurate registration from you in order to prepare the most successful and enjoyable program for your children.

To register online, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.  If you prefer filling out a hard copy form, paper registration forms are available in each classroom, at the RE Greeter table on Sunday mornings, and from the church office.

Parent Responsibilities

At TVUUC our staff and volunteers work hard to create an environment that is safe, educational and nurturing for our children—but that’s only the groundwork. We believe in empowering families in the work of religious education, secure in the knowledge that ultimately, a child’s spiritual development is firmly in the hands of you, the parent. Our goal is to involve you actively in the timeless work of building a theology that is meaningful to you and your family. Below are ways you can contribute to your child’s religious education.

At Church

  1. Get to know your children’s RE leaders, as well as the landscape of programming options in our RE spaces.
  2. Attend regularly to help enrich your children’s sense of belonging.
  3. Share with our DRE and leaders any information about your children that may affect their participation in our programs.
  4. Share with our staff any joys or concerns you have about what occurs in our program.
  5. Make an annual financial pledge to TVUUC.
  6. Volunteer in the RE program or in another aspect of the life of our TVUUC community, and tell your children why you choose to help out in this way.
  7. Be responsible for your children’s whereabouts. Children are in their parents’ care anytime there are at TVUUC and not signed in to one of our RE spaces.

At Home

  1. Do your best to model Unitarian Universalist principles for your children. Consider lighting a chalice as part of family time.
  2. Ask your children about what they experience in the RE spaces they choose to attend. Be aware of what they are learning, and help them apply that knowledge to the larger world. Join the Facebook groups for TVUUC members and groups.
  3. Tell them why you have chosen TVUUC as your family’s spiritual home and Unitarian Universalism as your religion. Share what our church and religion mean to you.


Our RE Program and staffing are part of the total church budget so there is no registration fee for participating in our programs. Our operating budget is funded by our congregants (that’s you), so we do invite families whose children participate in RE to make a pledge of support to the church in recognition of the value of our programs to your children and your family, regardless of whether you are TVUUC members or friends of the congregation. Remember that your pledge enables us to provide for staffing, materials, program space, and other benefits that you and your family enjoy.


Registration Form