Governance Manual

Table of Contents
Number Title Approved
Section 1 –Introduction to Governance
n/a Elements of Good Governance Reference
Section 2 – Guiding Principles
n/a The Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism Reference
n/a TVUUC Congregational Covenant 05/20/12
Section 3 – Bylaws and Organization
n/a TVUUC Bylaws 02/25/24
n/a Board/Executive Team Organization Chart Pending
n/a Committee Organization Chart Pending
n/a Staff Organization Chart Pending
Section 4 – Vision, Mission and Goals
n/a TVUUC Mission 06/28/09
n/a Long Range Plan, 2004-2013 05/01/04
n/a Long Range Plan, 2010-2015 03/21/10
n/a Goals and Objectives for 2012-2014 03/18/13
n/a Goals and Objectives for 2012-2014 08/19/13
n/a Goals and Objectives for 2014-2015 07/01/15
n/a Goals and Objectives for 2018-2019 current
Section 5 – Charters
CH.002.02 Finance Committee 05/20/18
CH.003.01 Program Council 06/24/12
CH.004.00 Music Committee 06/24/12
CH.005.00 Stewardship Committee 06/24/12
CH.006.00 Executive Team 06/21/15
CH.007.00 Personnel Committee 09/17/17
CH.008.00 Buildings and Grounds Committee 09/17/17
CH.009.00 Denominational Affairs Committee 04/21/13
CH.010.00 Board of Directors 09/17/19
CH.011.00 Membership Committee Charter 06/21/15
CH.012.00 Art Cluster 05/05/13
CH.012.00 Art Gallery Committee Charter 05/05/13
CH.013.00 Worship Committee 11/21
CH.014.00 Memorial Garden Committee In Process
CH.015.01 Religious Exploration Leadership Team 02/01/19
CH.017.00 Adult RE Committee In Process
CH.018.00 Environmental Concerns Committee In Process
CH.020.00 Nominating Committee 06/21/15
CH.021.00 Leadership Team Charter 09/04/19
CH.022.00 Endowment Fund Committee 06/12/22
CH.023.00 Strategic Planning Committee 01/29/18
Welcoming Congregation Committee 02/19/21
Section 6 – Job Descriptions
n/a Senior Minister 05/20/18
n/a Director of Administration 11/13/14
n/a Director of Music 07/22/14
n/a Director of Lifespan Religious Education  
n/a Volunteer and Membership Coordinator  
n/a Administrative Assistant  
n/a Minister of Pastoral Care  
n/a RE Assistant  
n/a RE Intern  
n/a Sexton  
n/a Child Care Worker  
Section 6B – Volunteer Job Descriptions
n/a Board Member Job Description 06/21/15
n/a President Job Description 08/16/15
n/a President Elect Job Description 06/25/15
n/a Endowment Committee Member Responsibilities and Qualifications 3/13/2023
Section 7 – Policies and Procedures
PP.001.00 Development of TVUUC Documents 12/09/11
PP.002.03 Alcohol on Church Property and at Church Events 11/30/11
PP.003.00 Handling of Political Candidates Drafted
PP.004.00 Backpack Inspections 11/30/11
PP.005.00 Linda Lee Kraeger Library 04/04/18
PP.006.00 Weapons on TVUUC Property or at Church Events 11/30/11
PP.007.00 Voting by Proxy 11/30/11
PP.008.00 Severe Weather Delays and Closings 12/18/12
PP.010.00 Facilities Usage 03/16/14
PP.011.00 Membership Pending
PP.012.01 Finance Manual 06/21/15
PP.013.02 Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual 08/22/23
PP.014.02 Safe Congregation Policies for Building Safety and Prevention of Sexual Misconduct, Physical Abuse, and Harassment 09/17/19
PP.015.00 TVUUC Email List (TVUUC-el) Policy and Procedure 08/22/09
PP.016.00 TVUUC Web Page Policy 02/20/09
PP.017.00 Board Oversight/Monitoring Policy & Procedure In Process
PP.018.00 Social Media Policy 10/20/13
PP.019.00 Program Development and Approval 09/21/14
PP.020.00 Recruiting and Hiring Paid Staff 01/18/15
PP.021.00 Solar Fund 01/15/19
PP.022.00 Sales in the church policy 03/18/18