Welcoming & Caring

The following programs are part of what we call the “Membership Cluster.” They have to do with the way we welcome newcomers, help them get oriented and connected, and how we care for each other in this community. All of these programs accept participation and volunteer support.

Membership Committee 

Meets as needed – The purpose of this committee is to create a welcoming environment for visitors and generate interest in becoming members. Five to seven committee members work with the Membership Coordinator to help members and friends find involvement in programs and activities that connect with their talents, skills and interests. Assist with periodic programs (currently QUUestions and Starting Point) that help new people learn about Unitarian Universalism, TVUUC, and membership.


Every Sunday – Volunteers arrive 45 minutes before the service. Wear a nametag and a Welcome badge (available at Welcome Table). Open the doors for all members and friends and welcome them with kind words, a smile, perhaps a handshake. If they are clearly new visitors, direct them to the Welcome Table. Two greeters needed for each service each week. Volunteering for a regular slot each month is especially helpful. Orientation gladly offered.

Welcome Table
Every Sunday – Volunteers arrive half an hour before the service. Set up brochures, cards and pens on table in foyer, return items to storage in office at end. Wear name tag and Welcome badge. Greet visitors, help them fill out visitor cards, offer temporary name badges, give a short orientation tour of the church. Answer any questions about the church, various activities and Unitarian Universalism in general. Introduce visitors to RE table, Membership Coordinator or other member if appropriate. Respond to requests for new permanent badges from regular attendees. Return to table for ten minutes after the service. Place completed visitor cards in Membership Coordinator’s box in office. Two attendants, needed for each service, three if volunteers are available. Orientation to procedures and supplies is gladly offered. Volunteering for a regular slot each month is especially helpful.

Caring Table
Every Sunday – Volunteers set up Caring Table in Fellowship Hall or foyer with extra chairs 30 minutes before the service. Prepare cards to friends with caring needs or celebrating a joy and encourage people to sign, then prepare for mailing. Collect information about caring needs and communicate as needed to appropriate staff member. Collect names of people who will volunteer to help. Two volunteers needed each Sunday. Orientation gladly offered.

Spiritual Care Team
As needed – Members of the Spiritual Care Team are volunteers trained to sojourn with those in crisis, illness, or transition of any kind. Upon request, they provide a confidential, caring presence, in person or by phone. Meetings may be one-time or ongoing, depending on the need. Members serve 2 year terms as part of the pastoral care ministry.

Caring Network
As needed – The Caring Network is a group of folks who offer to help others with specific tasks as needed. Examples include rides to medical appointments; yard work, meals, errands, pet care or cleaning in times of illness or crisis; visits to members in long-term care facilities; prayer; minor home repair for people with limited means. If you have a service to offer, please fill out a form at the Caring Table.

Sunday Lunch Bunch
Most Sundays (except Potluck Sundays), 12:30 pm – Whether you are a new visitor, recent returnee, or long-time member, all are invited to join the Sunday Lunch Bunch after the second service for informal fellowship and fun. Lunch will be at a local restaurant selected for the day. Meet in the lobby by the front doors to confirm the spot and coordinate transportation.